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A jam entry

Stay Alive!View game page »

Old School style unix terminal based game written in python
Submitted by stay_alive with 4 days, 22 hours before the deadline
Rated by 3 people so far
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How long has this Project been going?
I started working on this project on January 23, 2018. I stumbled upon a python library called curses which enables screen-painting in text based terminals. I found code of the game snake written for it, played it and decided to make a small game myself. Then I found out about this game jam so I decided to upload my code!

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That was pretty cool. Sure didn't expect things to come from other directions. Good job.
PS: You can build binaries from Python code by using http://www.pyinstaller.org/


Thanks for playing again. I'll be sure to checkout pyinstaller and use it next time I upload my games somewhere