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I'm not sure this is a game

Thats interesting. I've starred it on gitlab. Maybe I will implement the games I made in python to run in your javascript terminal when I have some free time. Nice work, I tried the demos and they work as expected!

Thanks for playing again. I'll be sure to checkout pyinstaller and use it next time I upload my games somewhere

Thanks for playing, yeah i had some ideas of what i was going to do with this game that didnt end up panning out, that gdax library isnt even used anymore... sorry that you had to debug to get it working. This is the first time I have put out my games for other ppl to play so I need to learn more about making sure they work on every computer (not just mine).

Awesome! Thanks for checking it out!

I think there is a way but i didnt plan on it in the beginning of this game and it would take some reworking of the code (porting from python 2 to 3). If I find myself with some free time I can work on this and will comment again to let you know if I complete it.

Sorry the file was hidden! Download is available now!