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Submitted by Namtaro — 5 minutes, 16 seconds before the deadline
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Cave-in's page

Theme inspiration
I interpreted the theme "Passage" as a path or a road. In the game, you're in a very dark cave, you find your way by using the light in your helmet.

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I was able to finish! 

Cool choice of VGA. 

There were a bit too many blind jumps to my taste, except the one where a skeleton gives you a tip which was cool.  Perhaps a tiny bit more checkpoints, or rest places to analyze what's ahead?

The stones felt random in a few places, where skill and carefulness were not enough to avoid death.

It was nice to cast lignt into the darkness. I would love to see even more of this, with flares or who knows what :) ?

I read that it is the first time you submit for a gamejam, and even without taking this into consideration the game is pretty nice on its own. Well done.


The visuals look nice, but I'm not sure the range of vision is enough for any more complex challenges without making the game completely trial and error.

In the first section, that first drop looks like it leads to a new room rather than a restart. I dropped down multiple times before realizing I wasn't getting anywhere.

At the part where it says on a note "The path to success is steep", the game warped the character noticeably forward toward the checkpoint.

I'm not sure if there's multiple paths, but I got to a part where I was dropping down recklessly to a platform below, leading to a path of platforms with falling rocks between. Given that each platform goes away a little after standing on it, I'm not sure how to guarantee safe timing. I managed to get through, but it didn't look like it was possible on every attempt, nor guaranteed to even have a safe timing frequently (meaning that if my analysis is right, there's a random possibility of players trying over and over and never getting a chance at success).

I did manage to beat it, but I didn't really get much sense that I got anywhere. I think if you continue working on this, adding set pieces within each section would help.


Thank you for playing. I don't really want this to be a trial and error game, I really really appreciate your feedback.

I did struggle making this game and especially the levels since I didn't made a real game before, I only made a pong and space invader clone. I even thought I would not be able to finish this, but, I did hit that submit button and I'am very happy nonetheless.

 I will continue to work on this and make it better. Thank you.