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Submitted by karim2989 (@karim2989), GeorgeMokhov, Nazeris — 5 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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its 2:20 am , i cant think of anything at all just let me out

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This is very clearly an unfinished game but I think that there are things to like here. You've built an interesting aesthetic between the visuals and the music. In particular I think that the water looks fantastic. I love some of the dialogue of the pirates and the idea of them asking you random questions for you to ensure your safety. They do seem a bit too random but the ones about sea navigation and the like seem pretty on point, and a lot of them delve hard into what I would consider to be pretty obscure or uncommon knowledge. It seems like you really pushed yourself to finish this and in the end it is a perfectly functional game even if it is missing a few things that might have been desirable. The concept is solid and what you finished works well together. I hope that you learned something valuable from this and that you use it to make the next game even better. Good job.


I think it is wise to push people to have general culture and basic info about universal story, but the randomization chooses just a few responses and repeat them even one after another, so it tends to be repetitive, also, pirates say they'll let you pass, but they are still blocking your way and there are more and more pirates around you.
It is unclear what's the goal of the game (if any).

However i enjoyed the graphics and the pic you choose it's a click bait :D made me want to play a pirate game.

Congratulations on pushing yourself on finish this game.