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Dracula's ArmyView game page

let's take over the world!
Submitted by Fancy Pigeons — 2 hours, 45 minutes before the deadline
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Dracula's Army's page

Theme inspiration
Interpreted as "rites of passage" (hence turning people into vampires)

Sensory info

Content info
There's cartoon blood in some of the UI elements because it fits the mood/theme but there's nothing graphic etc.

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Thanks. Great graphics and well balanced. I almost made it, but then all factions started wars against each other and it looked grim. At least the Servants of Dracula and the New Houses made peace after a while. Then I used the strategy to kill off the Wolves (by not giving them any new humans). But even at 0 power they continued the war against the other factions, so that did not go as I expected. Finally the vampire hunters got me. I think. The end screen was not quite clear enough about it.

The fun part about the balancing is that you don't exactly know what makes the people betray you. But sometimes I was sure that the people would be loyal, but then they told their friends anyways. Perhaps, if the game gave hints as to why I was betrayed (ex. too much family, hungry for fame..) I could try to become better at the game as it goes on. The factions were a lot of fun, when they started appearing and started having wars. But then they just stayed that way. If even more factions could emerge and others could disappear again, that would be truly epic.


Thanks a bunch for playing + leaving a comment!! The original concept was a lot bigger in terms of the factions appearing/disappearing and we had to scale down quite a bit to finish in time, but yeah, it could definitely do with adding a few more things. Factions warring with zero members sounds like a bug/oversight on our end (eek!)  - thanks for pointing it out! :D 


This game could be really freaking crazy good.  My feedback on the cards would be that they should have really concise info on one side, and maybe full art on the back side or something, or like, a treasure or chance thing if you flip it.  Flipping it everytime to check the stats was annoying.  But yeah this. is. wicked. rad. 


Thanks for playing + the feedback, that sounds like it could be a pretty neat way of streamlining things a bit!! :D