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Fancy Pigeons

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thank you so much for the feedback!! :)

thank you for playing!!

thank you for playing!!

...from tv!

(thank you for playing!!)

(a very late) thank you for playing!! :)

Thanks a bunch for playing + leaving a comment!! The original concept was a lot bigger in terms of the factions appearing/disappearing and we had to scale down quite a bit to finish in time, but yeah, it could definitely do with adding a few more things. Factions warring with zero members sounds like a bug/oversight on our end (eek!)  - thanks for pointing it out! :D 

Thanks for playing + the feedback, that sounds like it could be a pretty neat way of streamlining things a bit!! :D 

thanks for checking it out!! :D 

haha thanks for playing, glad you liked it!! :D 

thanks for playing - there are six endings overall! :)

thanks for playing, glad you like it!! the ghosts are different depending on how well you take care of them as a baby (but some are randomly fixed e.g. baby ghosts can be born sick!), you unlock the hats by playing enough of the mini-games! :D 

thanks for playing!! :D

flower jam is non-ranked, so we won't be choosing 'winners' - it was just for the fun of making some games! :)