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Henry Wilcox

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Thank you for this considerate review

You are one of my partners for the game jam's partner system. 

Creepy as hell walking around that dusty road with the lights turning off, knocking on the doors.
This was short and sweet, nice music, nice loud sound effects. 
The graphics were all bold and straight forward and that was good.
The dialogue back and forth on the phone was smooth and quick.
This will be really interesting if you release it serially.

The character stood in front of the dialogue options and some dialogue options had no text but I think you know this and its just a matter of time constraint.  Good luck in continuing to produce these.

I got you as a partner for the game jam's partner program.  Unfortunately its laggy as all hell on my internet and I just fall through the train.

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Dude this is great, its just like a sort of tarot deck without any heavy implications.  It is a very inspiring idea and I think this is prob my fav along with Draculas Army of this game jam

Great drawings and color pallete.  You know that some of the transitions are lagged out but that aside, I think the 2 next things to fix include having more text displayed at once on the screen (since you encounter so many different dialogues, it'd be nice to have them full), and after that It would be very cool to have rooms that don't have camera follow so we get to look at your nice background art without having to move the camera around.  I think the size of the character merits smaller maps

this tickles the part of me that despises conventional formalities

This could have been so awesome wandering around and you made it sad.  I am at once stoked you made an image based navigation game and pissed that you made it sad

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I like the feels of this game, the color, the music, atmosphere.   I got the first puzzle so I feel good now

This game could be really freaking crazy good.  My feedback on the cards would be that they should have really concise info on one side, and maybe full art on the back side or something, or like, a treasure or chance thing if you flip it.  Flipping it everytime to check the stats was annoying.  But yeah this. is. wicked. rad. 

I like the idea of turning the deck into a grid, having multiple meanings to like symbols, and the concept rocks.  I downloaded and will try with cousin next time I see him.  We will listen to Equilibrium while we play!

red yellow green pallete is reat.  i like the combined sphere and cone light

mega style on the drawings and good feels 

this is the first game i've tried today.  nice tune and nice timing on the robed one's attacks.  it would be so dope for some big monsters to pop out of that river.  i didnt get so very far so maybe they do.  fun like an old atari game