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Rakugo DetectiveView game page

Episode: Sakuden-san and the Tea Seamstress
Submitted by Nic3Ntertainment (@Dickjutsu) — 10 hours, 17 minutes before the deadline
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Rakugo Detective's page

Namely the plotline is about a generational cycle, a cycle of vengeance, and also the murder occurs on a windmill. Plus the main character becoming a samurai again brings him full-circle in life.

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Maybe yes? It discusses death, murder, and the effects of war; but not in unusually graphic detail. And the corpse is a 16-bit sprite.

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I always love to see interactive narrative experiences like this; somewhere between a game and short story. I'll be honest, my knowledge of Japanese culture is lacking so I'm sure there was a lot that I missed, and some stuff I struggled to follow, but not so much that I couldn't enjoy the story. The protagonist made me laugh a number of times and I enjoyed the story overall.

If I had any feedback, it would be to perhaps shorten the intro a bit and get to the detective stuff faster so long as that doesn't mess up the pacing too much. The gray text was also a little on the hard side to read, but I managed!

Thanks for the experience!


Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, an actual Rakugo performance is often 30 minutes long; a 'short' rakugo is like ten minutes.  So trying to make a short one, that actually acted like a Rakugo, is one of the biggest challenges to any Rakugo Detective stuff.

And you are 100% right about the text coloring.  We tried a bunch of combinations of colored text, colored backgrounds for text, and that was what we finally threw our hands in the air and said 'we're going gold' with.  Definitely something I would have liked to do better and will concentrate on more the next time.


I liked the story,. But in the credits it is of date 2015...I don't know if it's eligible for the jam....


Sorry, I don't entirely understand what you mean?  Are you referring to the copyright information I included in the credits? That's just the year those resources were produced.  When I purchased the rights to use them it is technically part of the EULA to use that exact verbatim of copyright wording.

I did wait to start making the game until the allotted day (actually almost the next day, because it took me the whole first day to write the plot out).  But the engine I used was created in 2012, the music in 2015, some of the graphics in 2011.  I mean, Unity was released in 2005 - but I don't think using it disqualifies you for the jam. ;)

I'm glad you liked the story, though. =D