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OuroborosView game page

Classic Snake + Reincarnation = ?
Submitted by M. R. Williams (@citrus_thunder) — 19 hours, 43 minutes before the deadline

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The "cycles" theme is reflected not only in the name, but in the very mechanics -- the other snakes are recordings of your previous plays!

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Neat. It took a couple of tries to see exactly what I was supposed to do, but once I understand the plot of the system it was simple enough.

I topped out at Year 8, myself; I just couldn't get my snake any longer than that.

Main suggestions for improvement would be:

1. Maybe a line or two to stipulate what the goal is. Someone less wiling to try stuff might not realize: Oh, I have to eat the red and yellow snake butt.

2. Maybe make whichever part you are flash a bit, at least the start of a cycle, especially for those who are colorblind so they can know what snake they're controlling.  I'm not colorblind, myself, and I kept getting confused at the start of a round as to which snake I was controlling; so I can just imagine the horror a CB person would suffer.

But overall, a neat little game.


Thanks for the pointers! I've already added your suggestions to my task list for the "v1.0" edition coming soon after the 15th. I appreciate the accessibility advice; that's something I definitely need to consider earlier in future projects.


I liked it