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A jam submission

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One minute left...Can we win?...Time will decide our fate...
Submitted by Josh Delson (@joshdelson)
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In what way(s) does your game fit the jam theme?
Overtime is an experience for The Very First Extra Credits Game Jam that only lasts a minute (inspired by Awesome per Second), but contains numerous gameplay elements and a hard hitting story. No time is wasted, all fat has been cut.

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I love the idea of a WarioWare style micro-game collection. The art style and music are amazing but it was kinda hard to tell if I was winning or losing some of the games.


I do love myself a good prequel meme.

Your game was a good -ware eque atempt. A bit clunky sometimes, with segments were I did not get what I had to do, but overall very astehtic and visually pleasing.

Gave me a good feeling while I played it.  Nice entry.


It means the world to us that you got a good feeling from our minute game. Thanks!