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Greetings fellow citizens of the underground,

this game us under developement, and I would appreciate any feedback you can spare for me.
Please help me make this game into something intriguing and fantastic! Something that you can lose yourself in, as you trade and discover the world.



Very good entry.

Even though I hate pineapple.
But at least my favourite ingredient, unidentified red liquid, is available in this game!

Pretty good feeling, pretty good looking. Was very fun.

If I had someone to play this with, I can see it being pretty fun. Well, the singel player is just a tad too hard for me. If I don't grab the balls immediately and throw the off at the first time, they just pile up, until I sink. No time to hit the engine. On the other hand, if the RNGesus doesn't like me, all the balls pile up instantly in one corner, tipping over the boat.

I like the basic idea of just throwing things out and driving forwards. The gameplay in itself was good, the controls fluid. Just a bit hard on the difficulty.

Good idea. Good dramatic visuals.

Kind of lackluster gameplay, which I was way to hasty to get right. But I can see where you wanted to go with this. I can see the appeal of dueling somebody on a balcony high up in the air. Just wished, there were some kind of goal for me to acomplish, instead of the health just going into the negativs. : D

But overall, I liked it.

Sweet litte game. Extreme Exitement with extreme button smashing. I liked it.

I just wished the sun had some kind of aftermath. Like how did you beat it? What happend to it? What happend to the kid? Will we ever know? Find out next time o... Mhm, maybe not.

But you made  a really great entry! Congratz!

I like the idea of the bugs. Its a way of thought that should be followed more often. The music gets kind of repetetive after just a short while. The animations jitter a bit, but are otherwise cute.

I am myself not really a fan of these type of games, but you did pretty good with this one.

Good entry.

Well, I like the art. But for my taste, the choices were pretty meaningless. I never said anything and he still beat the dragon? That was a bit weak. 

Very nifty idea. Almost filled a bottle.

I liked it. It was fun.

Every game where you can "Stab Tackle" someone is a good game in my book.

With that being said, I agree with the poster below. Checkpoints would have mad this perfect. But without them I am not determined enough to play it again after dying two times in the later sections.

It is still a very great idea and I enjoyed the whole experience a lot. Great job!

Very  original and awesome game. ; )

Text was a bit hard do read at times, but overall I liked the creativity of it all.

It was weird.

But it was also good.

I liked it. Thank you for your contribution to this jam! 

Its was ok. Very onto the theme, even though I liked the fighting style with the first char better. It was a tad slow, but the faster one was kind of clunky.

I do love myself a good prequel meme.

Your game was a good -ware eque atempt. A bit clunky sometimes, with segments were I did not get what I had to do, but overall very astehtic and visually pleasing.

Gave me a good feeling while I played it.  Nice entry.

Its an interesting concept to say the least. Even though I didn't get far as I rolled a lot of random stuff, as I am not very good in those timing games. Also got a loft of brushes. It would have been cool if there were a peacefull way for the "Glampire" to fashion up and release his enemys.

But overall, a good entry to this jam! I liked it.

I am not sure how you did it, but those waves felt AMAZING. I kind of got a bit seasick, just from boobing up and down. It also felt like the ship was really pushed back and forth with the sea. Did you program that or was that just a illusion on my part?

Well, all in all a good entry. Even though both parts were lacking a bit in the gameplay departement.

Well you didn't you go on an awesome quest? Quest is the right word, I think.

Oh, thank you very much for those kind words. : 3

I tried to program everything in a manner, which would allow me to expand the whole point-and-click gameplay. Maybe someday I will make something bigger. ^^

Thanks, I tried to do some good doots. : 3

Very beautiful scenery. Good job making the 3D Environmente in such a short time. I also love the sound design.

Very nice atempt to completely turn the theme around.

I love the jumping sound. Sounddesign is perfect.

Overall I liked it, but I did not make it very far. The controls are pretty rough.
But the idea is wonderfull.

Very neat concept to "draw" platforms and to attack the enemies. Wished it had some kind of purpouse, but its a very polished idea for a jam. Congratz.

The only thing I have to criticise is the way you "jump". It feels weird, because the drawn platforms disappear really fast.

Very cool concept. I like how the balls even collide with each other. It makes the whole thing more chaotic, which is good.

Sometimes though, the balls seem to slip trough my bar.  Or they get bounced of the edges and somehow still land in my spot.

But a very creativ entry. I liked it!

Well, I reached 1188 before I was bored and got myself killed.

All in all it is a very fun game. Even though I was never really in any danger to die, it was still fun to combo kill the enemies. Even though I would have  liked some sort of visual key for destroying more than one enemy. Like flashing text ala "Double Kill" or "Triple Kill". With that I would also try to gain a even bigger combo, just to find out if there was a bigger one to achieve.

The Controls were fluid and I liked the little jiggle, the little foots of the sprite made. Loading up the cannon was a good feeling and didn't feel slow.

The only thing that felt out of place and that I never used was the slow effect. It just doesn't make sense in this game, if there is no way for me to move faster than normal or to somehow line up the enemies.

But overall, good entry!

Love it. Very astheticly pleasing.

Very interesting concept. Got stuck in the third level, but I liked it.

Good controls, good artstyle. Very georgeous!

It gets really laggy after a while : D

Overall it is a very nice game. I like the idea, I like the movement, which is very smooth and I like the art.

Very good entry!

134500 Points.

I like it. Simple and explody.

Only the car sounds gets tedious after a while

I like it. It is fast paced, requires skill and has some puzzles as well. 

Very good entry!

Egosentia is a metroidvanian Shooter, where the story, the world and its inhabitants are influenced by your own personality.

You need to gather material from anyone and anything to craft ammunition, weapons and structures that help you on your quest to find the Blue Flower. A mysterious bloom that grants its picker a single wish. On your journey trough this strange land you will encounter many strangers. It is up to you if they will stay that way, become friends or even enemies.

Dialogue options will be adjusted to your player-personality over the course of the adventure. You will get new dialogue options, Npcs will react differently and hidden parts and storylines will open up

I am the lead programmer, writer and currently the only fixed* member in the team. I am looking for an artist that can make tilesets to improve the ingame art of the levels. The challenge is to make something, that does not feel blocky but can be used in many different way to generate different platforms and structures. When the game is finished, you will get a percentage of the revenue of every soled copy.

Here are a few pictures/videos to show what already exists:

 If you are interested in working with me, please add me on Discord by using my ID - KorbohneD#9014 - 

*there are more people working on characterdesign, environment and music. These work also voluntarily/for revenue.