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nope, still going strong here. I mainly post updates over on discord

Oh ok. Then up the speed gain from all the automation and down their costs.

Takes ages for me and the upgrades don't do a lot. Does not feel like it has been tested at all.

Oho, thanks for the high praise! I am going to try my best to actually fulfill those aspirations, though I can not promise to make something as grand as A Dark Room. ; )

Thanks a lot, I definitely will keep at it!

I am already planning the automation stage next, where you recruit fellow adventurers to help you in delving. ; )

Oh boy, I am going to try my best to implement the only the finest of flavour text. : D

Anything wrong or stuff that should not be in there or that are just plain broken, please report them here.

I will try to fix them as soon as I can!

Anything positive or negative you have to say about the game, stuff that you would like different or suggestions in any way, please put them here. : )

Thanks for the feedback. : )

No license. : )

Thanks, gonna try my best!

Regarding the softlocking issue, if you run out of both money, one base resource and treasure you get a new development for free which makes begging available, where you can get a tiny amount of money for free to jumpstart your economy. : )

Mhm, youre right, thanks, gonna definitely change that. ^^

Oh ok, the cursor capture was actually my intention. Should it not be the default option? I mean I could turn it of or make it toggable.

If you run out of both money, one base resource and treasure you get a new development for free which makes begging available, where you can get a tiny amount of money for free to jumpstart your economy. : )

Thanks! I am going to keep working on it! : )

Mhm, it works normal for me. What operating system are you using? The download is currently windows only.

Controls are pretty floaty. Otherwhise a cool little game.

So hey.

Do you need help with coding? I mean from what I gathered of your posts, you seem to struggle with it a bit?

I didn't completely gather what you are trying to do with gameplay, but something with rock paper scissor? 

I could totaly help you with that if you want.



Sometimes, it is better to have no music instead of...

I like the artstyle, but didn't get what I had to do. Something about drawing and switching colors?

Full points for art, thats for sure.

Was a bit lackluster in the other departments, but thats definitely a good entry for this jam!

Welp, at least that what you got looks good.

Nice feeling for the controls, cool and varied enemies and a neat little paint mechanic on the side.

I liked it a lot. The obvious filler was the music, but not everything can be perfect, so don't worry about it.

I played it, but I really didn't get it. Everything was so dark. The beginning scene was cool though, with the little fishing dude.

The movement was very floaty. It was driving me nuts.

The little story was cool tough. But I didn't beat the last boss, as I didn't knew what to do.

A good atempt. Like the artstyle, was a bit lackluster on the other compartments though.

Its ok.

Good atempt.

Its a cute game. Not really that much to do there, but cute nonetheless.

Lot of awesome in this prototype. Really liked the style you were going for. That star gain for every boss is an really awesome idea!

I like the core concept a lot.

I almost quit at the consecutiv jumping part with the 7 birds. But I managed to beat that.

Then I cam upon the boss. And I have to say, I was to lazy to try him more than seven or eight times. The mechanics are just to quick for me to really like it. Its pretty good otherwise tho. Loved the art, especially the boss.

Very good entry. Very nice atmosphere and all in all a very good entry for this jam.

I loved the music btw.


But for real, very cute.

Liked the constant meowing and the various characters. Only the jumping could have been a bit more precise. Especially the last part was a bit tedious.

A very fun space shooter.

I love the flashing lights in the cockpit, and the little exploding sound when you fly into an asteroid.

A true masterpiece.

As beautifull as if it was from the earless dude himself.

The mechanics were pretty difficult to master, but I enjoyed in nontheless.

It was a pretty good entry.  I especially like the sound design : D

Aw, thank you very much.

I also liked it alot at first, especially after someone made me that cute robot sprite!

Sadly it never took of ^^ But maybe in the future.

Paint Jam 2019 community · Created a new topic

Is the use of allowed?

Or just regular paint?

Greetings fellow citizens of the underground,

this game us under developement, and I would appreciate any feedback you can spare for me.
Please help me make this game into something intriguing and fantastic! Something that you can lose yourself in, as you trade and discover the world.



Very good entry.

Even though I hate pineapple.
But at least my favourite ingredient, unidentified red liquid, is available in this game!

Pretty good feeling, pretty good looking. Was very fun.

If I had someone to play this with, I can see it being pretty fun. Well, the singel player is just a tad too hard for me. If I don't grab the balls immediately and throw the off at the first time, they just pile up, until I sink. No time to hit the engine. On the other hand, if the RNGesus doesn't like me, all the balls pile up instantly in one corner, tipping over the boat.

I like the basic idea of just throwing things out and driving forwards. The gameplay in itself was good, the controls fluid. Just a bit hard on the difficulty.

Good idea. Good dramatic visuals.

Kind of lackluster gameplay, which I was way to hasty to get right. But I can see where you wanted to go with this. I can see the appeal of dueling somebody on a balcony high up in the air. Just wished, there were some kind of goal for me to acomplish, instead of the health just going into the negativs. : D

But overall, I liked it.