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Wow GuiDB! That means a lot. This experience can definitely be one level of a larger experience. We were inspired by Pokemon Snap's railway & level progression so if anything we'd do something like that, but weirder...

Yeah, like any other project if we had a few more hours we could have added polish.

We really wanted to have a large range of math equations so this feedback is awesome! Thanks Artem Flo!

Haha yeah I've gotten a lot of F's & C's... Maybe we'll have difficulty ramps available.

This means a lot JK5000!

Thanks! Happy to hear how unexpected and eerie it got. Definitely what we wanted to hear HeroRobb! :)

With voting wrapping up today, would love some feedback on my randomly generated math mystery experience! Definitely an experience like no other!

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Definitely loved the music as well. We got our soundtracks from Youtube Audio Library since they're used for personal/commercial usage. Just search 'Game' in the music section and most of our soundtracks are there.

Thank you! We didn't know about the diversifiers until like halfway through so we were lucky to sneak them in. :)

Haha the coughs really made the difference for us.

For sure. Restart button was on the next part of our list, but due to the 9 hour cap we scoped it out. Thanks for the insight!

Happy you were able to generate name varieties!

Thank you! We were inspired by Hohokum visual wise.

Thanks! Yeah the levels variate by character count, capitalization, and unique characters. Definitely spent the last three hours testing as many names as possible haha. We have a default level for no input as well. 

It means the world to us that you got a good feeling from our minute game. Thanks!