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A jam submission

The Exit^View game page

A short and easy platformer
Submitted by LootGodamn — 6 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Impelmentation#412.0002.000

Ranked from 2 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Music tracks are strange and awesome at the same time. I like that. Graphics and mood are nice, blocks with white corner are unique. Player controller is strange, it isn't moving smoothly. I think you should rework it. Teleport mechanic is a nonsense. I used it like one or two times. Rest of the game is beatable without it. While you tried to make level as less repetitive as possible, I think that wasn't accomplished. There are few sections where are a lot of 1x1 blocks placed dense so there is no way to fall there.

Although I like music here, I don't like how they change harshly when you reach another level section. You should definitely research about easing function and use them to your advantage. I don't like restarting track when you lose. Music should play with no interruptions when you die. That feels odd.

To sum up, I enjoyed playing game. While controls are bad, teleport is unnecessairly and music strangely restarts every time you die, I enjoyed exploring levels.


I placed the blocks that way to make the level easy somehow. It's easy jam after all!

Jam JudgeSubmitted(+1)

Very cute. The player was a bit loose to control making it tough to do some of the precision jumps. The teleport mechanic was cool but I didn't find it to be needed most of the time. I was able to escape, it took me a while to figure out where to go and only when I heard the music change did I realize I was on the right track. The music was nice and it changing when getting closer to the exit was a nice touch. Overall nice work.


sorry about the controls. I was able to pass the whole thing easily so I thought it might have been not so hard for you guys.


The use of a capsule collider with precision platforming was infuriating, I would land on the platform then fall off. Not fun. I enjoyed the teleportation mechanic but it felt more like a gimic than an actual mechanic. Like I think I only actually needed it 2 or 3 times, and the rest of the time I was reseting because I fell off of a single tile. Can't stress that enough, I actually didn't want to finish because of the use of a capsule collider instead of a box collider. Jesus christ. Like if you had used 2 tile wide landing zones that were more fogiving it would be fine, but it's a single tile, and you did it allot. One or two scenarios where I have to land on a single tile and slip off would be annoying but okay. Overall I came out more annoyed at my experience. However, there were no bugs, and in 2020 that's really saying something, so 4/5 stars!


oh, I'm sorry if single tiles were annoying for you. Also the capsule collider was so that the player can save himself when he fall off. 


This was a neat little platformer, the controls were nice and tight and the music was well chosen. I really liked it!

(This is the fourth game on the video)


Thanks! Glad you liked it


Glad you enjoyed the music! It was a lot of fun to write for this little game.