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A downloadable game.
Get the key and get to the door but be careful, if the guards spot you, you'll have to start over. Lucky for you, they can't see you if you aren't moving!
A downloadable game.
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Reverend Speed published a game 4 years ago
A browser game made in HTML5.
HAZARD WARING / WARNING HAZARD / FATAL FLAW Made for Gamecraft Winter 2018 in ~6hrs with the theme 'Freeze', by Declan Costello and Reverend Speed. Move with WASD or with 360 Left Stick, Freeze with Spacebar or 360 Y. You're a green mech (o...
r00k published a game 4 years ago
A downloadable game for Windows.
Chase the SS Safety, using a freeze ray to create ice floes & keep yourself out of the freezing water. Instructions: A/Space to jump R1/LMB to fire freeze ray Jump onto crates to recharge your freeze ray Created by: Chris McHugh - Code Kasp...
A downloadable game.
Bring Snowie home safely