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You Be At Orbit (2022)View game page

VGA/Sound Blaster arcade space shooter for DOS with keyboard and mouse controls. Written in a custom scripting language.
Submitted by thp (@thp4) — 14 days, 17 hours before the deadline
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You Be At Orbit (2022)'s page

Is your game for DOS or inspired by a game from the DOS-era of PC gaming?
It's for DOS (DJGPP/DPMI), uses VGA Mode X for video and Sound Blaster for audio as well as standard DOS mouse drivers for mouse input.

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Great entry! I must confess that although I enjoyed the visuals, i found level 1 quite underwhelming. But once the space pope stopped recharging my shields between each wave, things got a lot more interesting! Some of the waves are really, really good. I'd really like more gameplay along the lines of wave 15 in particular, where I feel like I'm really having to manouevre to stand any chance at all. Is there some way to spend my space bucks, or are they purely for score?


Yes, recharging in Level 1 could be done only every third wave or so, that might make it a bit more interesting while still letting the player "learn" the different waves for when it gets serious in Level 2.

No way to spend space bucks yet. I thought that using the small-range "blast" (activated using Spacebar on the keyboard) could use up a space coin (and no coins means that this can't be used), but alas this was rushed and now you get coins and it shows up as the "last kill count" in the main screen.


Ran well, was pretty fun. Thanks!