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That's good news (in both ways) -- all the best :)

Any new life sign in 2023? :)

Do you have a screenshot? Are you using the default settings in the driver? Can you post the settings or try resettings the "game" and "3D" settings of the NVIDIA driver?

As a workaround, you can use Mesa3D, which is a software renderer, but since you have a beefy machine it should be fine:

Thanks :)

This is now fixed/improved in version 1.0.3.

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It seems like the issue is that your Windows 7 doesn't have a proper OpenGL ICD and uses the "Generic GDI" driver, which lacks certain features.

Try downloading "Mesa3D for Windows" and place the opengl32.dll from that package next to the shipedit.exe and run it (make sure you get the right version, so 32-bit shipedit needs the 32-bit version, 64-bit shipedit needs the 64-bit version, and do note that both the 32-bit and 64-bit opengl are called "opengl32.dll").

Mesa3D for Windows can be found here:

Neat. Have you thought of requiring the user to finish the level once (and maybe store the "example solution" with the level file data, which might be useful for a future "show me the solution" feature in the game) so that all user-created levels are guaranteed to be solvable?

Nice, thanks!

It might be nice to have some additional platform choices for the "downloads", such as (MS-)DOS games, homebrew apps for consoles (e.g. 3DS, Vita, Wii, ...). Possibly also HTML5 as icon. Not everything is macOS, Windows, Linux or Android :)

I like the fact that you don't need to type, and always see all possible options. Would be nice to add a speed-dial kind of thing where you see digits 1-N for each option, and pressing the digit on the keyboard automatically selects the option without having to wait for it.

A really nice game with a good soundtrack. I have not solved level 9 yet, but the other levels were well-balanced. More, more!

It is very well designed, hope the full version gets music and sound output. I do like things like turning the lights on and off. I did get stuck in the first level somewhere in the top left corner of the map where there are two boxes, on top of which there is another box and two atomic canisters and then another box on top -- if standing on the left side of these, is there any way to get out again?

There's the source of Python 2.7-based One Whale Trip for 3DS available here: one whale trip 3ds port (git history) (note the current HEAD of that Git repo doesn't contain 3DS code anymore).

Yes, recharging in Level 1 could be done only every third wave or so, that might make it a bit more interesting while still letting the player "learn" the different waves for when it gets serious in Level 2.

No way to spend space bucks yet. I thought that using the small-range "blast" (activated using Spacebar on the keyboard) could use up a space coin (and no coins means that this can't be used), but alas this was rushed and now you get coins and it shows up as the "last kill count" in the main screen.

Love it! The graphics, the music, the sound effects. "Left" and "Right" didn't work for me to rotate the disk, but "A" and "D" (as in the left and right of WASD) did work. Is there any way to exit the minesweeping minigame once you are in there (apart from winning it, of course)?

Only other thing is that "Talk" and "Tools" are kind of verbs, and the others are locations. Might have been nice to just talk by clicking the characters and same for the tools - click on them to activate (leaving only the "rooms" as the actions -- "Quit" could be a classic "Exit To DOS"-door thing).

Would enjoy playing a graphic adventure in that style (reminds me a lot of 2064 Read Only Memories).

Dzzee is not open source at the moment, however the prototype game (written in Python) is:

Fancy! What toolchain/compiler do you use for the Dreamcast? Is there an open one with documentation?

I picked up a few things, climbed up, tried to kill the guard, tried to eat the rodent. Kind of stuck getting killed. Are there any special verbs or items that I'm missing? :)

Thanks! Yeah, the display on the PocketCHIP isn't that great, but in general it might be nice to have a color blind accessibility feature. Since it's hard to figure out a system that works for red/green and blue/yellow color blindness (the game has lots of auto-generated color "schemes"), maybe a simple "color blind" toggle that will somehow modify the tiles or something could do the trick...

As a quick workaround: In the title screen, you can use the up/down arrows to pick a color scheme. You can use the "Loonies" and "8192" text to sample how the tiles will look like, so you get one that is easily distinguished. Of course, as you progress in the game, the color scheme will change again, but it should make it more enjoyable/usable at the start of the game.

Thanks for the report. A fixed version is now uploaded as "Loonies 8192 r66 for GBA (fixed sound)".

Using devkitPro.

Great "WipEout meets Micro Machines 2" game for DOS. Works fine in DOSBox on my old Windows XP retro computer, best performance on a more modern machine - also using DOSBox. The OPL-based music fits the game very well.

The hidden shortcuts in the tracks are fun to discover and helpful in higher difficulty levels.

Wishlist items for SlipSpeed 2:

 - Local multiplayer (Micro Machines 2-style "shared screen" multiplayer where one gains points by getting more than a screenful ahead of the competition)

 - Campaign mode / progression (saving of progress, maybe earning gold medals in all tracks in all difficulty levels and or unlocking tracks by winning at the grand prix?)

 - Track editor and user-created content?

Yes, the backgrounds are all animated using palette color changes (64 colours for the background), the background image is pre-rendered and static and the background has a list of palette assignments to cycle through (so different backgrounds can have different palette movements).