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Dzzee is not open source at the moment, however the prototype game (written in Python) is:

Fancy! What toolchain/compiler do you use for the Dreamcast? Is there an open one with documentation?

I picked up a few things, climbed up, tried to kill the guard, tried to eat the rodent. Kind of stuck getting killed. Are there any special verbs or items that I'm missing? :)

Thanks! Yeah, the display on the PocketCHIP isn't that great, but in general it might be nice to have a color blind accessibility feature. Since it's hard to figure out a system that works for red/green and blue/yellow color blindness (the game has lots of auto-generated color "schemes"), maybe a simple "color blind" toggle that will somehow modify the tiles or something could do the trick...

As a quick workaround: In the title screen, you can use the up/down arrows to pick a color scheme. You can use the "Loonies" and "8192" text to sample how the tiles will look like, so you get one that is easily distinguished. Of course, as you progress in the game, the color scheme will change again, but it should make it more enjoyable/usable at the start of the game.

Thanks for the report. A fixed version is now uploaded as "Loonies 8192 r66 for GBA (fixed sound)".

Using devkitPro.

Great "WipEout meets Micro Machines 2" game for DOS. Works fine in DOSBox on my old Windows XP retro computer, best performance on a more modern machine - also using DOSBox. The OPL-based music fits the game very well.

The hidden shortcuts in the tracks are fun to discover and helpful in higher difficulty levels.

Wishlist items for SlipSpeed 2:

 - Local multiplayer (Micro Machines 2-style "shared screen" multiplayer where one gains points by getting more than a screenful ahead of the competition)

 - Campaign mode / progression (saving of progress, maybe earning gold medals in all tracks in all difficulty levels and or unlocking tracks by winning at the grand prix?)

 - Track editor and user-created content?

Yes, the backgrounds are all animated using palette color changes (64 colours for the background), the background image is pre-rendered and static and the background has a list of palette assignments to cycle through (so different backgrounds can have different palette movements).