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It is. Keep your eyes peeled.

Damn, solid advice friend...

I'mma give that a go, peace!

Now that you mention it, I did get stuck in the floor a few times, but managed to get myself out somehow. I'm using Opera on Windows 10.

...just went back to try it again, and it worked fine...I didn't stop to think though, that I did hit alt plenty of times. Could've just gotten stuck in the window menus or something.

Man, the keyboard movement does not want to work...otherwise, bashing skeletons was fun for a bit. I haven't far as gear goes, am I missing something?

For a web game, this actually ran suspiciously decent. You seem to have forgotten to crap your game up with fifty-something shaders. (Bless you!)

Awesome sauce.



Ran well, was pretty fun. Thanks!

It was fun! I did find myself trying NOT to get exp when I got 4 or 5. ^_^

My only complaint would be that enemies go right through the trees, and you cannot...other than that, nice job! Could definitely turn into something bigger someday.

...and may I say, that's a spiffy hat!

Hey, it's something, and it's fun. Nice!

The BGM is kind of catchy, and this is a neat idea. Had fun. Hope you can come back to it!

You sly dog. I loved this as a kid, and I still do!

Awesome possum y'all.

It is kind of weird, having played so many twin-stick games...
Was thinking it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to use a strafe button, to lock the attack direction a la HoloCure.

Kill enemies, collect souls, level up, you know the drill. It works well.

Having skills which require you to be still was a pain, but they were all pretty much worth the risk. Twin-stick controls would be nice, but I think they'd take away some of your emphasis on movement/dodging. Actually, only control issue I had was that I couldn't pause the game with an Xbox controller. The esc key still worked just fine.

This has some neat little twists, and it runs smoothly even bogged down in the mobs.

Had a great time, made/killed some crazy builds, and it was fun. More characters, weapons, maps...will take time, but this is damn fine for an alpha. Noice!

The bat/club is kinda boss. Had fun with this one! Looking forward to seeing what's next.

Exactly. If there was some kind of upgrade/experience component for the cards, this would be rest of my damned week.

Might still be...XD

Kicked my arse. Still loved every minute of it!

Pretty fun. Haven't been able to find an opponent yet, but excellent call adding in the single-player mode.  Kudos!

I'm terrible at this...but it is a cool idea and still pretty fun!

Neato. Did take a few tries to beat XD. Menus were cool, game was fun. Thanks!

Silver coffins are indeed Badass!

Great game. Crazy Vampire Waifus...are always a plus.

Man...those menu sounds are too good. Seriously.

Ditto XD

Righteous! Good on you for figuring out how to use tiles instead, sounds like less of a headache. Cheetamen vehicle? Good gravy...awesome!

Staying tuned. Godspeed.

I laughed, I cried...I learned to love again.

Seriously though, this was pretty cool. Would love to see more of it! You took a terrible NES game, and made it into something...good...The Nerd would be proud of 'ya.

Art mirrors life!

The Game...I lost it...

Had fun though :D

Works more like a feature than a glitch :D

Great game!

Agreed, 107 baby!

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Just finished! A little more music would have been nice, but even without...this was fun! I didn't initially realize the crates had real-time physics on them, which led to some pretty ridiculous failure on my behalf :D

This works well, and it would be cool to see some more of it!

*Does require a little suspension of disbelief as far as keeping your pressure after popping your top to hit crates/buttons, but it's an everloving game. :)

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Though I love the bullet-hell entries, an awful lot...

This is great. Float like a butterfly, sting like a Magic Fist!

The only issue I can find at the moment, is that the Itch app launches the icon updater, not the game executable.

Ok. Time to get back to punching.

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Very yes! Awesome, getting on that right everloving now.
Oh jeez, beefier weapons as well? ON IT, thanks much!

EDIT: Slash was already my favorite, now it is even more so! Everything works fine so far, just hit the third stage, everything is beauteous!

Feels smoother and faster, whatever witchcraft is responsible...well done :D

Nice. The higher speeds whomped me handily, but the card upgrade system works well. I really like it. You have to have a general idea of what you'd like to do...but you're going to be making adjustments on the fly. Noice!

I feel for you, been stuck there since last matter how many runs. They're working on it, there was a similar issue with the first stage in 1.03. Fun game though, yes?

Psst...I have a similar issue with the second level...other than that I am loving the heck out of this right now! I keep getting stuck with one enemy left...and have several playthroughs if those would help :)

Thank you! This Jam had some great entries!

Well done! You need to have the moves AND the cards! :D

Neato game, I just can't RGB very well... XD