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Sound designer/composer ready to jam! (and I know how to write)

A topic by Tom Ciccone created Sep 29, 2017 Views: 173 Replies: 4
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Hey Guys,

I'm a huge fan of all things October, and love making dark soundscapes and musical pieces,  so I'd really love to start a team if anyone is interested.

PS: I actually make a living as a writer (besides composing music for media), so I can certainly help out in that department too!


discord:        TomCasey#2362

I actually just released my first compilation of horror-themed sound design on itch, you can check it out here:

Tom Casey

Tom, my friends and I are all game development students, (most art, 2 programmers, no writers or sound people) would you like to join our team? It's our first game jam.

Sure, I'd love to join your team. My discord is TomCasey#2362

Feel free to send me an invite when you get a chance


In case you still want to join some team we are also looking for a composer for our team (artist/writer and programmer so far). 


Would love to join your team. 

I'm on discord at TomCasey#2362

My email is :

Let me know!