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If you are still looking our team is looking for music:). Let me know if you are interested!

In case you still want to join some team we are also looking for a composer for our team (artist/writer and programmer so far). 

As you can see in that long as hell title, I'm looking for a team. I love all things spoopy, so I'd love to stay in horror genre, but I'd like this to be a true team effort, so  any other idea is fine with me! Let me know if you want to join my team:).

Sure, go ahead and contact me at: nisha@vp.pl :)

Hello, I'm not very advanced, but I would love to take part in this jam as a part of a team, as I lack artistic skill whatsoever. I prefer working on 2D games, but I'm flexible. I can also work on story/write dialogues. In case anyone is interested in having me on their team, let me know! I'm hard worker:)

In case it is important, I'm located in Poland.