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A topic by 5targuy created Sep 18, 2017 Views: 533 Replies: 4
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Hey Guys! With only one week left until the theme/story promt will be released, I wanted to share a list of games that have been a big inspiration for me as a game developer, especially  that of the dark, scary, and horror genre. Take in as much inspiration as you can before the theme's release date (which will be the 25th at around 10 a.m .-ish). Anyways, here's the list of games. Check the out! 

Thank you 5targuy, very inspirational!

My tastes are more centered in first-person games with realistic graphics and a strong narrative like Gone Home, Amnesia, The Park or Layers of Fear for example, but also I love games like Dark Souls or Bloodborne... always mysterious and dark games!

I can't wait to know the theme!!

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Makes sense! I've actually never heard of Gone Home until now. I watched a lets play of the beginning and it looks really interesting!  First person games are admittingly much scarier if done right (My favorite is Slender: The Eight Pages), but I personally have enjoyed 2d and third person view games more because you get to see your character and how it reacts in the world you play through. It might be because I'm an artist and I find it visually appealing when games show your character. 

P.s. the theme comes out the 25th ; )

Yep, the 2D style and third person view also are great tools to create scary experiences (your selection from above are a great example).

Uhh! The 25th is close... very close!

Hello lovelies! I'm gonna throw in my two cents on this too! 

Jordan Underneath covered spooky games before becoming a transmedia narrative channel himself. Night Mind has a section called Dark Arkade where he covers strange and scary games. HOWEVER, note that he has the ARG Camdrome in this playlist. Take my word for it, a month is NOT enough time to plan and run a full blown ARG, I suggest against it.