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Witch's LibraryView game page

Help Vivian give customers the books they want!
Submitted by phillip (@__phillip) — 4 days, 26 minutes before the deadline

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It has cute graphics and it's a nice idea. Though the books I'm looking for are just kinda awkward and hard to find - I would keep repeating something like "clock, scary-face, time" and shifting through draws until I found it - which kinda killed the fun. It's an interesting idea though and I could certainly see it as a mini game in something larger. Nice job none the less and congrats on finishing something


Thanks Joel!

The initial plan was having to look through each drawer would mess with your memory of what the customer wanted but in the end, like you said, it’s just frustrating and limits how fast I want to go and find the book but I realized too late but I was a little too deep so I just pushed it out. I think there are a couple things that could help improve the searching but I most likely won’t be implementing them anytime soon. Thank you for your comment! 


Nice little idea, cute graphics, but quite honestly, not really any fun at all. Reminds me of the children's game memory, but with a lot more steps and frustration. I see you made a note about a bug, and it happened my very first time, which certainly didn't help me enjoy it any more. After three or four books, I didn't have any desire to keep playing. I don't mean to be cruel, just honest.


Thanks for the feedback hankworx! I value and appreciate your honesty more than you can imagine. Let me be the first to say I agree with everything you have said. I don't really have fun playing this and I didn't have fun developing it. You might ask why I even made it then and all I can say is I was trying to fulfill my "game jam a month" challenge. Ill be exploring why I thought this project was disappointing  a little bit more in the dev log Im putting together. Ill get better! Thanks for playing!