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unleash ( Place holder name) Devblog 0

A topic by El fideo rubio created 88 days ago Views: 83 Replies: 1
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Hey guys my team and I decided to participate on the jam, we are a bit late to the party since we only started working 3 days ago, but we are really looking forward to see what you guys create.

El fideo rubio 

This week I made some work on the wheat shader so we have reactive foliage, I also make the first steps for the gameplay and AI no visuals for this, but tune in for the next devblog.

oh I almost forgot the orbit system for playing random sounds around the player here's an image for that 


Berlin made a photobash to get a sense on the atmosphere of the game.

Looking pretty spooky so far :)

That's the progress that we can show for now, just something important note, we are 6 developers, but the rest didn't appear either because their work could not be shown or simply because they didn't have time to create something in time for the devblog.

here's the full list nonetheless 

El fideo rubio                     ( Project lead & Coder ) 
Cycorg                                   ( 2D Artist )
Kumashovcomposer    ( Composer & SFX )
Mramerica108                 ( Level Designer )
Pixeltite                                ( Character Artist )
Spacebugger                      ( Writer )


That wheat looks fantastic! I love the cornfield-at-dusk atmosphere. Beautiful concept art as well!