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Cycle home at the end of the day listening to soothing lo-fi music in this cozy little ambient game.
Submitted by oscail (@OscailDev) — 5 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Theme: Does this game represent the theme well?#1003.4743.714
Aesthetics: Does this game have aesthetically pleasing artwork or polish?#1603.0743.286
Cozy: Does the game you feel cozy?#1652.8063.000
Creativity: Does the game include something unexpected or interesting?#1712.6732.857
Overall: Is the game objectively good?#1842.5392.714
Fun: Is the game enjoyable or satisfying to play?#2252.1382.286

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I enjoyed the concept, it was a quite a cozy and novel take :)

I think some more effort put into the world around you (or even a nice little skybox) would've helped it feel more like a cozy autumn bikeride and less like a skill challenge!

It was still rather visually pleasing, and the bike sounds were rather nice and showed an attention to detail!

Nice entry :)



Appreciate the feedback!


Got stuck on the sides a few times, and fell over near the waterfall and shot into space.  Hilarious...but probably not intended

Very peaceful, calming experience though.  Colors fit the recommended palette very well.  I kinda like the low resolution actually


Started clipping through the ground right as the music picked up, my friends and I all had a giggle. 10/10 But in all honesty, I did try to play this game a few times afterwards, and all three times, I ended up clipping through the floor. I really wish I could have played this game, cause it seems like a really charming game. I especially loved the dolly out to the title card and was hoping to see more cool stuf like that. I would definitely play this game with fixed collision, if you wanted to do that after the voting period.


appreciate the effort haha. I probably won't be coming back to this but someone did manage to finish it and they uploaded this playthrough of it if you want to check it out, thanks for the feedback all the same 😊


If anyone's experiencing issues, the collision in the final build seems a bit dodgy. Best best is to try not come off the ramp at an angle if you can, if you can come off it going straight down it should be smooth sailing from there.


It was very cozy til I made a space jump. literally. But for this amazing art and the nice cinematic I had to give you a good rating


Nice one, did you reach the end out of interest


I don’t know how to explain it however as soon as I jumped her forward position turned to the right and I fell endlessly

I also had Collided into the wall collapsing onto the floor before I could even get past the tutorial area and when I jumped it went all crazy the camera was going crazy too I thought I was gonna die in the game xD

other then that I had fun for 30 seconds Im gonna try playing it again tho to triple check before I finalize my rating.


at the end of the bike path I really enjoyed listening to the music.


Thanks, glad you got through it in the end. 😅


I made the mistake of pressing the space bar, hahaha. I loved the title intro and pixelated graphics.  I wish I could pedal a little faster, and I clipped through the ground and fell through the world once.  No way to reset.  With a little more work and time, this could be quite a relaxing experience


Haha, yeah I tried to make a player reset to help with the broken physics, that's what bound to space, thought I took that out. Appreciate the feedback though!