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Elemental Harvest - Retrowynn

A topic by Retrowynn created Dec 19, 2016 Views: 288 Replies: 11
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What's up. I'm gonna post progress in this thread. Plus you could check me out on Twitter https://twitter.com/retrowynn and Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/retrowynn (both accounts are pretty new, follow if you like!) Here's a gif of the inventory system ive been working on. Next I'll create some weapon attachments to show whats equipped and work on enchanted weapon attacks powered with elemental energy - earth, wind, water and fire. I'm using Pyxel Edit and Unity.


Looks good so far! I like the menus, they remind me of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. The graphics on the houses also look nice, although I think maybe a little darker contrast would help, as they look a little soft, but that could also change with different background tiles.

Is it an action rpg or turn-based?

Either way, looks good so far.

Cool, thanks! The menus are definitely old-school console inspired. The houses don't have any dark line art, is probably one reason the low contrast. (the pallet is dawnbringer32). It's an action rpg. Thanks for the feedback!


the link above is weapon/shield animations gif. i tried a different website to create longer gifs and it wont embed for some reason so i provided the link. recently i created a collisions system and planned areas, missions, and monsters, so nothing visual. currently im creating environment art and will post whenever it starts to look cool

I like the way it looks so far, looking forward to seeing what the missions and combat are like.

NPCs spawn when camera approaches, patrol, follow player when in range, return to patrol, deactivate when off camera, etc.


some bots

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