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you could use public domain sounds in your COMMERCIAL projects, so i'm gonna go out on a limb and say its chill at a game jam. Making sure a sample really is royalty free and not ripped from somewhere is sometimes a grey area though. is a simple 8 bit sound effects maker fyi 

Good work man! The music and art are both really good. The gravity change is smooth for sure and is a really interesting dynamic. Thanks!

Thanks! Sorry about the inputs (my xbox controller is a knockoff lol). You could remap the inputs in the resolution/input window before the game starts. Thanks for the advice, I've added information to the gamepage about where to map the inputs, some gameplay tips and a full walkthrough (with spoilers).

Amazing, inspiring, beautiful, brilliant.

oh its like a tv emulator filter sorta. looks cool.

Could someone link an explanation of "rgba channel separation"? i haven't been able to google what it is.

Whether you were able to finish your game or not, or were just joining to observe, I'd like to thank everyone for their interest! Much love to everyone who submitted a game :) They were really awesome! I've played all of them partially, however now that I have free time, I'm excited to play them all from start to finish! Thank you everyone and good luck on your future endeavors!

cool dude!

free sound effects making program: (use the "generator" area to create basic sounds, one of them is "laser/shoot")

Cool, thanks for sharing!

I like what I've seen and hope everyone is making progress! Maybe you've lost motivation... no worries! It's only been 27 days, there's still another 30! Technically, we haven't even reached the halfway point yet! Keep going! There's still alot of time! You can do it!!!

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The premise of "Energy Punk" (I'm considering changing the name to "The Cyber Punk" - since there isn't anything with the same title according to google), is that a hostile force has taken the punk's neighbors hostage, and he's going to free his cyborg buddies. The neighbor characters are homages to famous cyborgs of film and television. Here's "T", "7", "Murphy" and "Roy"...

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Rad dude!

Hey, I just wanted to share a cool free D.A.W. (Digital Audio Workstation) i think I'm gonna make this game's soundtrack with. Its great for beginners (and everyone) because it has built in chip-tune emulator synths! BitInvader, SFXR (effects/percussion), SID (Commodore64 emulator), Freeboy (Gameboy emulator), NEScaline (NES emulator). It's totally sweet.



gonna make a low res sidescroller. this is a nes-style inspired character sprite, "energy punk"



For sure dude, thanks!

Cool man, Thanks!

Hey man, i created a 2 month pixel art jam starting tomorrow , you're welcome to join and continue working on your game!

Welcome to the Pixel Art Decades Jam! Each player/team is invited to create a thread to post ideas and progress. The only rule of the jam is that the game is free. Any genre and style of game is cool. Participants are encouraged to share resources.

For example, I create f.m. synthesized music with these two free programs: "Tracktion 5" and an awesome free f.m. synth "OXE" A couple limited color pallets I use are Dawnbringer 16 and 32 A great place to study classic pixel art is Spriters Resource Ive been known to download a Mega Man or Shinobi character sprite sheet to use in my platform prototyping :) GIPHY makes videos into GIFs that work on No spam please.

Any question could be posted in this thread. Here's some ideas to get you started: cyberpunk, steampunk, superheroes, ninjas, spies, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, clones, robots, vampires, corporations, tyrants, aliens, brainwashing, identity, multiple personalities, time travel, revolution, nature, elemental, underwater, futuristic, medieval, runes, planets, space, parallel dimensions, levels, rescue, fate, connected stories, teamwork, loners, rogues, outcasts, popularity, social commentary, education, invasion, constructs, money, monsters, borders, communication, connection, separation, oppression, positivity, power, poverty, creation, destruction, collection, construction, management, multitasking, monotony, mellowness, moods, marriage, madness, secrets, destiny, free will, exploration, animals, the wild, the west, progress, tradition, history, magic, wizards, alchemy, armies, artifacts, tesla, travel, journeys, quests, epics, familiarity, simplicity, everyday life, human condition, relationships, technology, arms race, violence, primitive cultures, ancient knowledge, meteor showers, volcanoes, caves, underground cities, livable space stations, gamma rays, radiation, metamorphosis, game jams.

Have fun!

neat, i use OXE check it out its free and my favorite fm synth

cool dude, what synth is that?

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some bots

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NPCs spawn when camera approaches, patrol, follow player when in range, return to patrol, deactivate when off camera, etc.

the link above is weapon/shield animations gif. i tried a different website to create longer gifs and it wont embed for some reason so i provided the link. recently i created a collisions system and planned areas, missions, and monsters, so nothing visual. currently im creating environment art and will post whenever it starts to look cool

cool, sounds creative! the water tiles look great. I like the new enemies too. Good luck coding, its a good start.

suuweeet! good progress! I like the new tiles, especially the ones with grass growing aroung the edges. Might i suggest a similar technique to create some border tiles along the water's edges to help blend the river with the ground? Im really excited about the turn based combat, and the menus and selection system look awesome! nice work

Cool, thanks! The menus are definitely old-school console inspired. The houses don't have any dark line art, is probably one reason the low contrast. (the pallet is dawnbringer32). It's an action rpg. Thanks for the feedback!

cool, looks good. I'm glad to see you're using Pyxel Edit too, its an awesome program. I really like the water tiles. Probably some of the best pixel art water I've seen. Nice work!

What's up. I'm gonna post progress in this thread. Plus you could check me out on Twitter and Soundcloud (both accounts are pretty new, follow if you like!) Here's a gif of the inventory system ive been working on. Next I'll create some weapon attachments to show whats equipped and work on enchanted weapon attacks powered with elemental energy - earth, wind, water and fire. I'm using Pyxel Edit and Unity.


cool, looks good. i especially like the variety of ground tiles. it makes the environment look non-repetitive. what program?

cool cool