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A whimsical procedural deep sea exploration game with an outlandish narrative
Submitted by Redpool (@StirringStorm) — 4 hours, 34 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#123.7003.700

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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  • It's a great game given the time given to develop the game. Sonar beeps would have been wonderful with more content. 

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A pretty solid 'gather resources, upgrade, gather more resources' game. Amusing dialogue, simple but atmospheric music. Some balancing issues (there's no need for the first depth limit upgrade, you can buy the second one straight away after the first dive). There's a couple of bugs, like there are times you can't close the shop menu. All of that is completely OK since it was made in a week. The art is really good, but unfortunately mangled by a not-pixel-perfect camera. Google it, it may require additional coding if you want to support various resolutions, may lead to objects jittering, which may in turn require some additional coding to fix (I haven't solved this problem myself yet), but at least the pixels will all be the same size. 

Aaand, if you have the time, please rate my game ;)


Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to write such an in-depth comment and provide feedback! The balancing issues were a twofold problem of 1) aiming to make the game very easy and very quick to beat (I assumed people would spend 5 mins or less per game) and 2) not really spending enough time playtesting it. It's clear that more time should've been given to it and that we might've gone a bit too aggressive on trying to make it easy :P The menu bug was something particularly fiddly and will be fixed in the next bug fix build haha - but yeah making a build in a week is not easy!

We did briefly look into a pixel perfect camera but as you said - it is a bit of a hassle, which is why we chose to not use it.

And of course! I'll made sure to play & rate your game! :p


Is there a way to make it for Mac oder Browser? I’d love to test the game! <3


Hey there - just updated the game with some minor fixes and such (you can check out the devpost for details) - including a Mac build! <3




Really awesome game!!


Thank you so much for the kind words! It means a lot to us <3


Awesome game! I couldn't find any "crystals" or whatever and I really tried, I got all the other upgrades though. AlsoI found the dialogs really funny, good job!


The contents of the ocean are procedurally generated so balancing was always an ongoing struggle! We are going to improve balancing with a patch (that also contains some bug fixes/quality of life improvements :P) so feel free to offer feedback! Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed my ramblings and the game <3


I did find crystals, but they are really rare


Great game! The art was well produced (although I wasn't much a fan of the walking animation), the gameplay was innovative and fun, and the shopping mechanic was well implemented! There were a few things here and there I wasn't very fond of (an 'Exit Game' button in the menu would be greatly appreciated), but overall you've produced a great game jam game. Congrats!


Haha, the walking animation was a point of discussion but we were left without time! Glad you enjoyed most of it - we had only a single artist! We will release a patch with some balancing, fixes and quality of life improvements (including a way to quit...) but for now you're trapped with my questionable writing and the endless procedurally generated depths! <3


art is good. game is okay. at first it was really mysterious and interesting but after a while there's not much to do. underwater music annoyed me sometime but it was ok. Still captain exposition was interesting. and i didn't see it rewriting same dialogues.


Thanks for the kind words! We only had one artist and the entire team had other things going on so we were quite hard pressed by time! Music definitely suffered without a dedicated sound guy but our team member gave it his best with an impressive result. And I'm glad that you enjoyed my questionable writing - a decent amount of effort was put into the dialogue system and the amount of writing! Thanks again for rating & commenting! <3


Pros: Great art

Cons: Not much content and ends fast


Thanks for taking the time to drop a comment and for the kind words. There are few greater compliments to a game than the biggest negative being it's too short! If we keep working on it, we will surely stretch out the content and add more. It was designed to be beatable very quick for the purposes of a game jam! :P <3

Source files location:

Note: We used unity collab so I just uploaded everything there right now.