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Submitted by Duncan Gallagher (@dunkz_irl), nickharbourne, lisamarron — 25 minutes, 48 seconds before the deadline
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Game Design#11382.3573.333

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
Our main character (a detective) is fighting a monster backwards through time to return to the 1970s from 2020.

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?

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I absolutely loved this one! I actually sat down and played through the whole game, which I very rarely do for game jam submissions :)

First of all, genuinely hilarious. I am so impressed with the amount of easter eggs and jokes you managed to add in to the newspapers and whatnot scattered around. The intro was also really well-written and totally set the mood for the rest of the game. I do think that if you continued to work on it, you should make the intro a necessary part of viewing before playing - maybe as a cutscene animation or something like that? The art is really really cute, so I'd love to see more!

Secondly, the game itself was very fun! The gameplay was actually somewhat challenging and there was some strategy necessary. I think if you made it even more challenging by decreasing the detective's health (maybe having it become a bullet hell type of game?) it could be even cooler. I also loved the variety of weapons to choose from - the trumpet is my personal weapon of choice :)

Seriously, this was really fun and well-made for a game jam game! I would love to see you continue to work on it afterwards!


Hey thank you so much for your comment :D Very much appreciate your encouraging words, since this was my first jam as a developer and I must admit I found it really hard!! I was thinking of maybe coming back to this and developing it a bit further, and indeed adding your suggestions (all of which I agree with!). I think going in a full bullet hell direction is a great shout, and glad to hear you enjoyed the trumpet weapon haha ;)


Nice intro for the game. Loved the little humour spread out along the way with the newspapers,  the audio and the trumpet :) Nice animation too on the boss when he dies. One little detail i found is that the mouse pointer was disabled in the menu at the end of the game. Anyways good job ^^ was entertaining


Thank you for your comment, and thanks for mentioning the mouse pointer - I hadn't noticed!! I'm glad you enjoyed the humour, it does rely on the audio quite a lot! Cheers :D


Dang, I wish I knew the beast was a chill dude before killing him so many times! I enjoyed the theme of this game and the written prologue as an introduction. It would be nice to have seen a bit more animation in the sprites, and there were a couple bugs when trying to shoot on the perimeter of the map, but the pace of the game is very consistent and I like the 'story through gameplay' aspect of giving the player a chance to solve murders using the clues hidden in the articles! 


Awesome, thank you! 😃 Very valid comments, animation would have added a lot to the experience - and I'll have to debug it further at some point. Glad you enjoyed though, and yes the beast is a cool guy at parties!!


So the beast was a chill dude after all, nice! The bubble wand and trumpet were really creative weapons, I love the "Jazz, blues, other stuff" line.

Maybe you could use a health bar instead of numbers, it was kinda hard to check my health at a glance in the middle of combat.


Haha yes the beast was just misunderstood 😜 Thank you, and yes absolutely agree - a health bar would work way better than numbers!