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"Your World, 50 Years From Now"View game page

A short story of resistance set in a near, dystopian future.
Submitted by Seere
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"Your World, 50 Years From Now"'s page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Relevance to the Theme#14.9444.944
Visual Experience#14.7784.778
Audio Experience#14.7224.722

Ranked from 18 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members

How did you interpret the theme?
As a dystopian future, where common sense and freedom of peoples are exchanged for globalization and capitalism on a global scale. Mass urbanization, almost all property being owned by massive corporations/monopolies rather than the people, a disconnect with nature, etc.

How was your experience in this jam?
It was very stressful, but I enjoyed getting something done for once. Finishing it made me feel a lot more confident in my future as a creator.

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Not sure I understood everything, but it really felt great! The theme was there, and graphics and music were awesome. Great game!


Thank you for you feedback. What exactly didn't you understand?


The story. Also I'm asking myself if there's was something specific to write as a message at the end.


Basically the story was dropping you into the viewpoint of a member of a radical political movement/hacktivist group on the final day of his life. There was no specific message you had to write, but the idea was to try and write something Haedon would have written. 


The exact views of the group are vague of course, but are obviously against the globalization, urbanization, and gaudy excess of their world. And are not opposed to violence to get the world back to it's former glory. 


Really nice music and art! The only thing I'd tweak is the pacing of the final cutscene images. I'd make them flash by quicker but other than that it captures a mood and event well as a warning of a potential police state (I mean, we're already in one, but an even more aggressive one).


Thank you, and I can see your point. 

My thinking behind it is that I wanted the player to dwell on it before getting to the billboard scene 


The art was really nice and the story was an interesting take on a dystopian future. 


Thank you for the kind words!