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Are you bored? Do you like pixel art? Are you looking for an excuse to make a game? Then this is the jam for you!


What is Bored Pixels Jam?

Bored Pixels Jam is a game jam where you make a themed pixel game for a week. It was created by the end of June 2018 and was first held last July 16-23, 2018. I honestly just made it because I was bored and waiting for school to start. Also I love making pixel art! It's fun to see a bunch of bored (or not bored) people make some pixel games for everyone to enjoy.

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What are the things I should know about before joining?

  • Games must consist of pixel art, voxel art, or 3D art with pixel art textures.
  • You don't have to be in a team to join! You can go solo or not. There's no limit to how many team members you can have.
  • This is a ranked jam. People would be rating your game based on relevance to the theme, creativity, gameplay, visual experience, and audio experience. Based on these, awards/titles such as Theme Clinger, Most Creative, Best Gameplay, Eye Pleaser, and Ear Pleaser will be given and the winners will be announced after the one-week voting period is done.
  • You can only use assets (art and music) that you make!
  • You can use any game engine.
  • Your game must be made within the time constraints of the jam.
  • You're allowed to have more than one entry but it's advised to stick to one and concentrate on polishing it.
  • The game you make must be free for people to have easy access on it.
  • NSFW content is allowed. Heavy topics are allowed as well but please refrain from being racist, sexist, transphobic, or generally a hate-spreading person.
  • Get creative and have fun!! ;D

Are there any prizes?

Sadly, all I can give you is the validation from a title and a Discord role once you win overall. BUT!! There is also the satisfaction of finishing a game in a limited time frame plus you get to interact with other people too and enjoy their games :D

Have some useful stuff!!

  • Lospec - You can find palettes, tutorials, and tools here for making pixel/voxel art!
  • Aseprite - Animated sprite editor and pixel art tool
  • GraphicsGale - Free animation graphic editor
  • Piskel - Free online sprite editor
  • Bitsy - Low-res game maker
  • GB Studio - A visual game builder allowing you to make real Game Boy ROMs.
  • BeepBox - Online chiptune melody maker
  • Bosca Ceoil - Free and easy-to-use music maker

Need a team?

Our Awesome Partner:

MrQuickGame - Metroidvania Month | Discord Server

Be sure to check out the Bored Pixels and Confession Jam Discord Server!

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A short story of resistance set in a near, dystopian future.
Visual Novel
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If spiderman was cyberpunk and fought demons.
You are a model of the last SmartCar generation and you want to be free !
Destroy the P-5uv Machines before they destroy the communications tower
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Program a turret's AI to defend a corporations property
A game where you be hunting drones. Permadeath.
Robox game made for bored pixels game jam
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Mix sounds while customizing punks !
Save the world from the creation of Dr.Heracle
Shoot those darn evil robots before they shoot you!
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Made in a week for Bored Pixels Jam 5
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Shoot enemies to get back energy. Made for the Bored Pixels Jam 5.