Submissions open from 2019-08-15 04:00:00 to 2019-09-15 04:00:00
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Hey developers,

I really like metroidvania games (in particular the Metroid ones), but I feel that it is hard to find good metroidvania games. So I give you the challenge to make a metroidvania game in a limit of time of 1 month (middle August to middle September). Also celebrating MVM's first year anniversary!

Our cool Vania partners:

artsybarrels | Bored Pixels Jam

EvilArtBunny | Alchemist's Mountain


1. Assets should all be made during the jam period (except general purpose code, bases and low-poly models). You can use assets with a free licence or the ones you bought, you aren't obligated to do all.

2. Incomplete games are accepted, I would like to see them evolve if it's a project that you'll continue. So don't stress to make a complete game! But your submission should be playable.

3. Teaming is accepted.

4. The game needs to be safe for work (no gore, nudity, etc.).

The jam doesn't have a theme in particular, as long as the game is a metroidvania-style game, is playable, and follows all of these rules, your submission will be accepted.

Games will  be rated on these criterias:

Scenario (story)



Music and sounds

Engagement (if I want to continue to play the game) and general

Note: Bugs won't be counted, but if a bug affects too widely one of the criteria (Ex: Gameplay, a bug causes you to not be able to get a key to continue in the game) then you'll get less points on that criteria. Also, I'm the only one judging. If a game requires a controller with more buttons or if there are many entries, I might choose another judge.

To celebrate the first anniversary, I got a prize for the winner of this jam! Thanks to our partner EvilArtBunny, I will be giving 30$ to the winner of the jam! If you're in a team, it will be splitted between the members. You must have a PayPal account so I can give you the money.

Hope to see you participate and I am impatient to see your games!

You can join the Discord server for questions and more things!

You can go on Crowdforge to make teams!

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