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OFFICIAL HELP AVAILABLE / HELP WANTED: If you are look for a team, look no further Sticky

A topic by angrysmile created Jun 21, 2020 Views: 649 Replies: 34
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In need of a team? If you are looking to team up, please feel free to post below and find a home for your skills. Also feel free to meet up and chat on the Beginner's Circle discord


I'm a 2D artist eager to help!  I can work by pixel art and/or animated 2d.  Reach out to me if you want to partner up for this game jam!

My online portfolio -

I have also done the art for these two games before having had an account here.

Move-In Ninja -

Muck Marauders -

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I can work with you ( I am programmer using Godot Engine). Beginner level.


Awesome!  Looking forward to partnering up!

What is your discord?


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Hello, I am new to the "game jam" industry. I am no programmer but designing and art (digital art, vectors, illustrations) has been a hobby for a long time but I never got the chance to utilize them. I'm open to collaborations :D 

I am the artist of the game Catch Hina -

My online portfolio -

Discord : SinigangShake#6039


i am an amatuer unity user and able to make UI canvases for games and transitions and can make small games with simple physics but my art is not good, searching for a teamate who can make descent art.


Myinstagram:_saty_007 (prefer this)

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Hello, I can't seem to find your discord server. Give me a message on my discord (attached in previous post)


've send you friend request

Are you guys looking for a sound designer?


Hey, I just started Unity 2 weeks ago and really need a team mate to help me out.

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Hey everyone! I am very new to game development and I only started learning Unity last week, and I want to join this game jam with the goal of making a full game. I am looking for teammates. Discord: BlackShadow#1416


Hello, I have been doing Unity Game dev for 2 months now,  and i would be glad to join you. Discord:

If you guys need a sound designer let me know

That would be great! Add me on Discord: BlackShadow#1416

did you guys need for asset?

I mainly make cartoon style

Great! Add me on Discord:BlackShadow#1416 and well discuss more there.

We are still looking for people, preferabbly an artist to help us out. Please add me on Discord: BlackShadow#141

Deleted 135 days ago

i'm self-proclaimed 2D cartoonist if you want to take me as one of your team

Hi! I am a 2D designer and a programmer beginner, i would like to work with you, if you are agree, we can talk on Discord, I already sent you a friend request :D


Hey my name is Ariel Merritt I have been doing sound design for 6 months.  I have some experience with FMOD and Unity and a tiny bit with wwise. I am in need of a team. I am willing to help anyone bring their game to life with sound! 

My YouTube Channel is:

My Discord is: Ariel Merritt#9854

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Hey, i was trying to make some games in Unity Engine, but i never finished one because i just lost interest in it after some time. I hope i will finish this one cuz there is limited time :d. Also i would like to try team up with someone.

Here are screenshots of some of my "games":XD

this one is made mostly from tutorial


I am new to unity, but I have been in school for programming for a little bit now. Just looking for a couple of people that would want to form a group with me to make it a little more fun and to learn from each other.

This is my discord:  Woodsy#9711

message me if you are interested


Hello everyone!
I've been learning Unity and C# for over a month and it's my first jam, I'm looking for a team to make something awesome for this jam.

Hit me up on discord if you're interested: Ashkan#8494


Hey everyone, I'm a programmer, I've been working with Godot for just over a month so I'm still a beginner! Looking for someone to team up with who can help me with art and anything else you can bring to the table :)

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Welcome! Over on our discord, I have made special tags for people looking for a team. Try your luck there as well and let me know who you are if you aren't "MrSprinkles" there

Thank you! I'm just "Ted" on Discord. Thanks for your help!


Hello there! I started learning unity roughly 2-3 months ago from a scratch and id like to try and team up with someone with similair level :) if anyone is interested hit me up over here and we'll sort something out :) 


Hey I've been  learning Unity for about 2 months too and it's my first jam. I don't know if you're looking for an artist or another programmer though because I don't have much drawing skills :D


Hello! I'm a composer and would love to participate in this jam. Here's an 80's track I made:

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Sure brother! Please jump on in! We would be blessed to have someone with your talents be a part of our community. You should also jump in our discord channel as well to get the full experience the community. There are already wonderful, positive people that I'm sure would love to have you be a part of their team if that's something you're looking for.

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Awesome, thanks!

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Hey all! I'm a recent college grad with a degree in Software Engineering. Most of my dev experience is in web and mobile, and I've just gotten started with games. I'd love to find some fellow learners to create with!

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You have no idea how excited I was to see this post!
We have a discord where everyone is there communicating and hanging out. We are an honest, selfless community full of helpful individuals, whos goal is to help each other accomplish your dreams while promoting your success along the way. Community comes first! All for one and one for all mentality! A lot of them have teamed up on there are some amazing people looking to learn and create. I sent you a friend request at your discord :) I'll explain more there