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Interface Issues Section Sticky

A topic by MetaBitly created Sep 06, 2019 Views: 112 Replies: 7
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Jam Host

Hello! In this section, please post any issues you have with our unity plugin interface.  We will attempt to help troubleshoot any issues here!


Hey all! I will be monitoring this constantly throughout the weekend, so feel free to send me messages on here if you have trouble/questions/want some clarification.

I'll also be on our discord page hanging out to answer any questions you all have!

Hello! We were wondering if random events/animations by say an enemy in our game could interfere with the "oddball response" in our player. To be more clear: our player is controlling a ship and wants to do an action as part of a battle (like power shields or fire weapon), but must wait for their desired action/option to be highlighted in the same manner as the grid in the demo scene. If there are random animations/events that are occurring while the player is choosing an option, could these elicit the "oddball response" in the player and cause an accidental/false selection?


That's an interesting point- I think that would depend on what individual is focusing on, and whether your random animations/events would some how be overlapping with what is being chosen. 

So for an example- say you have your action selection icons (power/weapons/etc.), and those go from one color to another with high contrast. Great- that will elicit the P300 response. Now, if you have totally separate events occurring which float over those items it could be distracting and lower the accuracy of the P300 as they are now focusing on something which you aren't trying to have them target.

However, if your animations/events are happening around their peripheral that shouldn't affect the scenario- as that is exactly what the oddball paradigm does normally! Does that make sense? 

Hello Again!

Just Checking in. Please let me know if there is any way I can get this game to you! The game's GitHub Link is I can make you a collaborator, and you will have full access. Let me know if this is possible! 

Jam Host

It is absolutely possible ! We are in recover mode from the jam weekend but we will definitely take a look and do our best to provide timely feedback :) thanks for making a game!

Ok! we made a single button input game. admittedly it is a bit clunky to use, so I am very curious to see how well it works when used with your guys system! Also the github should be public by now as well. Please send me an email with any feedback in the future as well. I doubt Ill be checking this forum very often: . Thanks so much for organizing this! This was my first game jam and I had a blast even working on it from the other side of the continent! 



Host (1 edit)

Hey Jzraiti! I am trying to get your game up and running from the github repo, but it seems to be breaking... would you mind adding me as a seat on your Unity organization so that I can get access the game? If you haven't used Unity Collab before let me know and I can walk you through how to add me and/or share your project with me. My email is

Thanks and we are stoked to play your game! Glad you had fun:)