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Rewind Time To Progress!
Submitted by Dieting Hippo (@dietinghippo), Drauc, taqueso, Raujinn (@raujinn), Mihai Zetta (@michaelazekas) — 18 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Best Use of Theme#63.4693.800
Most Good Looking#73.6514.000
Community Favorite#92.7393.000
Best Audio#102.7393.000
Comedy Award for Funny#101.8262.000
Most Polished#122.3732.600
Best Solo Entry#171.2781.400

Ranked from 5 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This game is unfortunately frustrating. I couldn't convince myself to get past the second stage because of the full restart on any mistake. Halfway through I hit escape in the hopes of pausing to look at instructions but it restarted the game. The rewind mechanic didn't work when I tried keeping that first door with the two enemies opened, my clone guy just disappeared unless I was still rewinding. I might just be a baby with very little patience but I couldn't keep trying. I got hit by an enemy shortly after passing that first area on my like, 15th attempt and it reset.

The concept is a staple to explore which is great, the audio and visuals are quite nice, and Mihai's voice acting, what I was able to hear, was well done.


Thanks for givin' it a shot!

It's definitely not communicated effectively (we ran out of time to have a proper tutorial), but in order to have the copy hold the button down you will need to stand on the button for a few seconds, then start rewinding. You "cease to exist" in that location when you rewind and the copies are a replay of your past actions, so rewinding as soon as the button is pressed will make your copy "disappear" as soon as it reaches the button. If you did stand on and hold the button down for a bit before rewinding and the copy still disappeared right away, then that is a bug!

We're also exploring additional options for rewinding, such as spending X amount of rewind time to leave a copy that will stay in place for X seconds. The rewind to start was also implemented as a quick solution for player death. A solution going forward will be to have the player rewind from time of death if there is still rewind time available to use.

Raujinn, Drauc, and Mihai did a phenomenal job with the art and music, I'm glad to hear they stood out! The cutscene audio volume can use rebalancing though. Thanks again for the feedback!

(3 edits) (+2)

I managed to beat your game. It was a nice experience and I think you did a pretty good job putting a game together. I like the story and aesthetic of the game (one of the few to have nice cutscenes), and I liked the two factor element of having both the 60 second timer, and the 60 seconds of rewind available. There's a lot to like about this game, and it feels like anything that is not quite on the mark would be easily shifted with another weekend, so good job!

The time rewind has two purposes - combat, and puzzles, and gives you a 'replay' of your character right up until you started the rewind. I felt a little bit clumsy using it to my benefit, though. Maybe it could benefit from having some shortcuts for the player - if you consider your rewind clock your resource, perhaps having other ways to use it would help, such as easily leaving a clone in place, or firing multiple shots at once, without actually performing those tasks themselves in exchange for a 3s/5s 'chunk'.

As we saw on the gong show, though, the main barrier to enjoyment is the firm 'back to the start' if you touch an enemy. While frustrating in of itself, it also compounds on any other issues a player has (eg while getting comfortable with controls). There are a lot of possible solutions, I'd advise you aim to be cognisant of the player's experience and what that worst case scenario for them is, as well as thinking about how what probably now seems like an obvious problem people will have was able to sneak through your own & any external playtesting. Given all of this, you combined a lot of elements to make a really solid and (mostly) enjoyable submission, so, well done guys!


Thank you for taking the time to write up a review, I really appreciate it! We have been talking over some ideas for resolving the full rewind mechanic and the "how long do i need to wait before I rewind so my clone stays long enough" issues. We might have a new version sometime soon.