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Hekko the TrashfinView game page

Raccoonicorn swims for watermelons.
Submitted by TomR — 14 days, 9 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Community Favorite#14.0004.000
Most Polished#43.6673.667
Best Audio#43.5003.500
Best Solo Entry#43.6673.667
Comedy Award for Funny#43.8333.833
Most Good Looking#63.8333.833
Best Use of Theme#122.8332.833

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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The intro is very very good. The music fits so well and is nice and catchy and fun. It feels like what I imagine Animal Crossing games to be like, though I've never played any of them, so. The addition of the pufferfish is nice, and I do quite enjoy that it doesn't kill you or ruin the experience in any way. 

The map is interesting. I do think it's nice to have a bit of help considering there's no opportunity for exploration without the time limit, but on the other hand it seems a bit detrimental to give the exact locations of the watermelon bits as it basically removes the possibility or necessity of exploration. If it was more vague, like a growing vignette when close to a piece or something that might have been better for the feeling of exploration and discovery. On that note, I was really hoping there'd be secrets around to find, little references to the character or the world or anything. This game really feels like it encourages looking around, and after beating it, I spent far more time looking around and playing with the movement than I had with the game itself. I tried for quite some time to get Hekko back to his spot to no avail.

I absolutely loathe the eating sound.

This is great!


I enjoyed my time with Hekko. Which was about 52 seconds, as I beat it the first time I played it. Then, I enjoyed exploring the environment and trying to leap out onto the ground to see if there was anything up there. The radar system, once you figure out how it works, is very effective, but perhaps isn't congruent with what people are used to wrt radar systems.

Its a nice little package and an enjoyable diversion, it has the sixty seconds in as a time limit - it could be more themey, I guess, given the single level doesn't really hammer it home. I get the impression you had an objective/plan and stuck to it though, due to the early submission. You did a good job picking out the art pack and building on what was there, and I think you wrote a sufficiently compelling story to tie it all together.

Just judging it as it is, I think this is a neat submission, but one that fails to leave a big impression, either negative or positive. However, that's usually the sign of a great foundation - this game could go places, and you did a good job of assembling the pieces that are there into a complete package, so, well done!


Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback!

The theme 60 seconds made me feel like trying to build an entire game that fits into about a minute and still feels complete. I did have plenty of ideas that would have perhaps made a more compelling game overall but I felt would have taken away from the very short game play loop. The radar overlay is similar to the radar in Radar Rat Race, only instead of being off to the side I overplayed it on the game play area.

After I had the game working and looking nice I spent a lot of time polishing the feel of the swimming and finding edge case rough edges I could sand down with extra programming effort, which is a pretty big departure from my usual style of "good enough" programming. Ha ha.