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#21: The WorldView game page

Surreal exploration game based on my own dream journal
Submitted by lsddev — 1 day, 8 hours before the deadline
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#21: The World's page

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this is the best game ever on  (apart from robert yang's well, but you get the idea)

this game is amazing so far

I can't complain too much about the unoriginal art assets and stuff, because for this kind of thing, if it works, it works. But I do suggest you learn some basic 3D modeling and texturing if you don't know some already; if not to make your own art, then at least to modify the art you get from elsewhere to work better, be more efficient and fix any possible problems with it.

There were a lot of enjoyable parts so far, and I think I've also been everywhere. It'd be interesting to see a sort of simple flowchart-map of the game.

So yeah, good stuff, hope to see more of it.

It looks like a lot of the assets aren't original, and I'm okay with that, but some look excessively high poly, like the telescope for example. In the area with the Eye of Horus all over everything, in the sandy outside, it lags a lot to walk against the little gazebo. My guess, which may be wrong, is that you had Unity generate the gazebo's colliders or something, and since it's a concave form, the collisions are as complex as they can be. Unlike when that gazebo model is big like in that other area, the player is colliding with a lot more faces of it at once when it's small. It'd be better to just make your own simplified collision mesh.

Of course, misleading may be exciting and interesting if done well, and you've done some good misleading and surprises that feel distinctly dreamlike. Like the return to the room from the cave, for example. This also relates to how you've taken advantage of the first person view, to get some more of those "physical" dream sensations, like dropping into the water bottle, traversing some rotating wood blocks in the sky, old man Jupiter crashing or the bird swooping to catch the player on the island, and all that. Those are all fun to experience. The drive with the skeleton and the frog was another nice part, but I would have liked to have been able to lean around a bit in the car seat.

The transitions when moving between areas should be improved. While you do have it fade in when the new scene loads, it should fade out before the scene changes too, even if only very brief.

I have a liking for surreal exploration games, so this game interests me, simple as it is. Making a dream-exploration game is something that I've thought about doing a lot, especially one based on my own dream journal. I like what you have so far, and I hope you continue adding for a while.

One thing that bothered me was that there were too many things that led to the same places or looped back to the bedroom. I think just more content would probably fix this though. Similarly, in the area with the mermaid on the couch, the sail boat on the pedestal, and the other boat, I hesitated to interact with the pedestal boat because I thought it would bring me to the place that had the boats and pillars in it, which I had been to many times already. Once I did interact with it I was surprised to end up in a completely different place from where I expected. So watch out for stuff that might seem kind of misleading in that way.


Wow... what can I say. It was hilarious, scary, beautiful, and above all strange. It consistently subverted my expectations and delighted. Bravo.

My favorite moment was when you go through the cave, back into the bedroom. The entire game was very dreamlike, but that moment in particular strongly evoked the feeling of waking up from a dream.

I showed some of my friends, they really liked it. I had one friend stream it, here's a link if you wanna see:

Awesome, LSD and /x/-tier spookypasta esque. Sure to haunt the internet for years to come. I like it!