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Genesis P. Olenta

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Sooooo cute and fun ! I wish there will be more in the future !

you broke my heart ! <3

very cool and quite relaxing. I loved it.

heu...le bouton Play ne marche pas ? y'a que Exit qui ferme le jeu...

very cool anyways !

Nice scene, with the background music it looks like a theme park.

is it just one scene, or is the plot evolving ? I got rid of the boxes then went home, then it started again...

pourquoi j'ai vu ce truc 7 ans après ???? mais c'est super bien ! J'adore

You got me at Elon ! :D :D :D 


I wish you the best for you and your family, + it seems really worth waiting ! <3

for some reasons it made me think about this short film 

well this is interesting but I don't know if I completed it or not. Are there different endings ? I saw this was a W.I.P so maybe the current ending is not finished yet ?

hé bien mes oreilles sont tombées.

this is sooooo cool !

this is.

for the moment I had two endings, but I have to reset the game after every "game over" because it gets stuck on a black screen. Otherwise it looks promising.

wee that was hopeless indeed. I wish there were others endings.

meanwhile, in the real world...

This is so...cozy. Actually, I enjoyed wandering through the city. Everyone seems so quiet... I love it.

this was comfortably conventional. 

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actually one way to prevent the man from killing you is to just stare at it without moving. I can last hours, but this is a VERY quiet game !

ah ouais mince j'aurais du penser à Philémon ! Excellent jeu, vraiment.

Il reste quelque chose après le voidscape coloré de la fin ?

RHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA J'AI FAIT RESET !!!  bon à part ça tu dois aimer les Bd d'Andreas, non ? Arq, par hasard ?...

I wish you the best, and a kind remember : P*rn is an excellent antidepressant, but side effects may include a sore arm ! <3 <3 <3 

quite cool !

(j'en dis pas trop pour ne pas spoiler : D très bon jeu au demeurant) 

oui oui c'est bon, je scrute dans le téléscope ! :D mais là je crois que j'ai trouvé...

Je scrute l'horizon sous tous les angles !

je sèche ! j'ai ouvert les 5 caravanes, vu tout un tas de choses, peux me balader...mais là je coince ! je pourrais avoir un petit coup de pouce ?

C'est vraiment très très bien ! mais il reste une caravane qui n'a pas de "porte" ouverte, et le monde est tout blanc...j'ai l'impression qu'il me manque quelque chose à voir...

I loved it but I wish there were more background story.

I like the fact that there are no creatures, so you can focus on exploration. The Backrooms seem crowded nowadays, it's almost a parody when you have capybaras and spongebob and stuff. Your game is far more elegant. 

Well, this sure is moody. 

let the games begin !

the platform skipping sequence is difficult as hell ! I skipped that part of the game.

Otherwise, cool game, even if the ending is a bit sharp.

thanks to you know I can play blackjack ! :D

mais COMME C'est VULGAIRE !!! Je vais le partager avec tous mes amis.