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Heartfelt game about revenge (on Steam!)
Submitted by sevencrane (@sevencrane) — 2 hours, 45 minutes before the deadline
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Amazing game with smooth movement

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I'm glad I finally got a chance to try this game! Been seeing it around for a while. This is the type of game I'd actually buy for myself, so I took the time to play the whole (?) demo. I got the double jump and crescent kick jump.

love the physics. I think you mentioned Melee in the threads once? I can definitely feel the influence. The midair forward punch feels just like Shiek's fair, and I love the feeling of drifting around in the air. The divekick bounce feels great as well.

If this is a 1MA project, then you're off to a really good start, because you seem to have a good grasp of both programming and art. The environment art feels slightly lacking, but I can't put my finger on why, as i'm not an artist myself. The character animations and effects are awesome.

Wall of text incoming:

  • I don't think the game detected my controller when I turned it on after the game was already loaded. I had to restart the game with the controller already connected. I know Rewired handles this automatically but idk which input system you're using.
  • The camera's look-ahead feature is cool but perhaps a bit excessive. For example, let's say I'm on the left and a boss is on the right. I dash to the left to avoid an attack, and the camera leads even further to the left. But then, I try to immediately dash back towards the boss to score a couple punches, and now the camera has to swing all the way back to the right. It's easy to lose track of your location and the boss's location with the camera constantly swinging like that. But I see what you're going for, and I think it heightens the feeling of speed, but maybe it needs to be toned down.
  • I think there should be d-pad input because it feels more precise to me. Related: on my DS3, the character reaches full velocity at maybe the 50% mark on the analog stick. I found it hard to make micro adjustments while platforming because she would constantly be at full velocity, and it feels slower to swing the analog stick back and forth instead of just tapping the d-pad to adjust your position. Maybe changing the max velocity threshold would make the analog feel more responsive.
  • I unironically appreciated the Bane shoutout. I hope you keep that in the final game.
  • I think the rain sound effect doesn't loop properly?
  • Maybe there should be some kind of combo bonus? The game gives you tons of different attacks, but the easiest/safest way to beat the bosses was to dash in, punch twice, and dash away to avoid the counter-attack. Jabs felt perfectly sufficient, and trying to get fancy with combos just resulted in death.
  • Speaking of death: >the "no-waves" vandalized this place again...
  • The healing animation didn't loop, i think. She floats upward repeatedly instead of floating up and then down.
  • Penelope battle was awesome. How can I explain it. Obviously it's a low-stakes battle, because there's a save point right there. But I like the fact that the game is willing to kill you for having a slightly slow reaction time. It sets a precedent IMO.
  • You can spam attacks while a door is opening
  • Returning to the main menu doesn't seem to fully reset the game's state. For example, after flying into the void area in Downtown, I tried to reset to the main menu, but when I reloaded I was still in the void. It worked fine after closing the game and reloading.
  • Dunno how this happened
  • The fact that you can't run all the way up to a wall feels awkward. I think it's because you need a bit of space for the wall slide animation, but it looks odd. Also, if you try to run into the wall, the little dust clouds appear even though you aren't moving:
  • This area was kinda funny because you could mash jump infinitely without actually jumping:

Phew. I think that's all. Hope this helps. Overall I love the fact that the game has an actual story and setting, and it feels like there's a purpose to everything. Rainy, lonely Chinatown is always comfy. I think there's a lot of promise for a real commercial game here so I hope you become a NEETdev and finish it


woah this has evolved a lot and improved. Good damn job!

Dont have much to say but some slight feedback:

  • standing towards doors/walls and facing it removed the ability to do anything (heal or attack)
  • Beating the mission goal in the test chamber while in air froze me in the air until i jumped.
  • Parrying was a bit finicky, maybe it was me but the window was a bit awkward
  • Beat most stuff by just spamming either punch or kick, maybe have enemies that dont get stunlocked after a certain number of hits and make them jump away?
  • Maybe i missed the ability but not having a walljump was weird
  • standing still and doing a kick combo theres a big delay until i can walk again after the final attack, was awkward.



Thanks for the feedback! I've noted the bugs and will try to patch them before the stream. I might take out parrying (for now), there aren't any bosses that demand it. And yeah, maybe I'll increase the window too. 

You should definitely have a walljump. Not sure how you got through the game without it, but I'll make it mandatory to pick up next patch. Also I'll make the end kick actionable sooner.

Weird bug. Left Lauren Lagrange's house and suddenly I could only move one step with each press of the arrow keys. I could move normally while jumping, but it played the wallsliding animation. I left her house again and it fixed itself.


lol, was i not supposed to wallclimb up the left side and boost straight to the pass for that section? i appear to have sequence broken that whole platforming puzzle


That is odd, it's on my list of pre-stream patches. Also yeah, I left that part of the cavern open since the platforming puzzle is fairly easy. I also didn't want to put too many obstacles between the respawn point and the Lady of the Lake boss fight. Glad you liked it though, I'll address your longer comment on the actual game page later tonight!

Nah not that puzzle, the one to get the metro pass

Developer (1 edit)

OH, I see what you mean. Yeah, so I originally put that in for speedrunners as a fun timeskip, but I realize now just speedrunning the platforming puzzle itself would probably be better. I'll take it out.

edit: I actually now see what you mean. The "puzzle" only exists because the player will only have a wallclimb in the final build; no double-jump or flip kick. I think I'll give them those abilities after the Night Market since you mentioned it.