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The Cheapie WarsView game page

Something resembling anything but a war.
Submitted by Captain Dreamcast (@CaptDreamcast) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I never took drugs in my life but this game helped me learn how it feels to be on drugs.

As for the gameplay, I am not a fighting games guy so I just infinite combo'd every enemy.


Too late, you're a fighting games guy now, finding infinites and getting perfects in bootleg fighters.

Thanks for trying it though!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Pretty jank with the enemy characters having lots of unblockables. However they rarely block (or maybe they only block high) and only use slow attacks, so you can cheese all the bosses by just using meaty sweep over and over on their wakeup. On Ronald, sweep even links into itself for an infinite.


This is what this looks like on orochi:


(I said meaty sweep but I messed up my timing several times)


The dreaded leg sweep. No enemy ever managed to find a way to defeat it in 9 demos in. Infinites should have already been fixed but something seems to have gone wrong with Donald, I'll have to look at it again.

The AI is still very basic, it has almost no concept of crouching, but tries really really hard by mashing buttons. I'm currently planning on parsing the states during loading and searching for hit definitions to build a more advanced AI, but right now I'm still caught up on making it less janky. The eternal struggle.

Thanks for testing and for the feedback!


orochi keeps turning invisible randomly and also either turns invisible himself or just throws your character so up high it takes an eternity for it to fall back

omega tiger woods hurts you for ? reasons, maybe ones of his attacks is invisible as well


Yes, this time around I wasn't just okay with breaking up the gameplay with borderline-unrelated cutscenes, I also wanted to try out gameplay gimmicks. So Orochi turns invisible sometimes, Omega Tiger Woods adds half of the damage he takes to the player, Kung Fu Girl is clingy and Donald (any resemblance to protected brands coincidental) switches between gimmicks. Since the game itself is already pretty buggy it creates this situation where you're unsure what is intended and what isn't. My bad, I didn't think that through. Getting thrown to the moon was not part of the intended experience.

Thanks for testing it though! 


if you can id recommend adding a little animation for when orochi is turning invisible, that would show that its intentional