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Manage your shop, befriend your new neighbors, and adventure throughout the countryside!
Submitted by comfyfox (@comfy_fox) — 2 days, 11 hours before the deadline
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Really neat, it feels like a combination of Stardew Valley and Shoppe Keep. Art and models looked really good. Dunno, I am not good at feedback so in short, I really liked it, I'm definitely gonna play it when it's finished.

Here are some bugs that I encountered while playing so you can fix them:

1. The text bug that the other guy mentioned

2. I am not sure how I made that to happen but when putting the wizard hat and staff on sale they would still remain in my inventory and so I could sell them as many times as I want making it impossible to run out of money. Again tho, no idea how I made that happen.

3. This should be an easy fix. If you get that sell box while the customer is leaving the shop you can still complete the transaction, the item that customer wanted will disappear but you will get no gold since that customer wasn't in the shop to throw the gold at you.

Good luck with your game.

Eloise and Shawn porn when?


Thanks for the review and the praise :) I uploaded new versions of the demo (0.23a) this morning which should fix the text issue. If it still happened on that version would you mind taking a screenshot of what you're talking about? And I think I have to "make it" before someone draws rule 34 of  the game. Or maybe it's the other way around?


The story seems cute and I like the art/models a lot. For some reason my movement was locking up at the start. It happened after I moved to the right during the WASD tutorial and again after coming from the chest. I was able to move again after pressing C/Tab/~ several times. When removing an item and opening up the shop, the menu and buttons were void of text. The UI for selling an item was also missing text so I wasn't quite sure what I was doing.

The house sinking into the ground when you are behind it was a neat effect. Overall I thought it was pretty neat. It has a lot of potential.


Thanks for the heads up! I'm uploading a quick hotfix for the game right now that addresses both issues, sorry about that!