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Unconventional WarfareView game page

tactical waifu simulation shooter
Submitted by Duque — 24 minutes, 52 seconds before the deadline
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(3 edits) (+1)

It would be nice to have a "continue" button on the pause screen.

It's not super obvious at first what the circles above the player represent. I deduced it was hp and ammo? Or maybe it's hp and aiming?

The play/resume icon seems to be stuck on my screen. Maybe let it fadeout after a while or make it less "in-your-face"?

The pathing seems kinda weird on the overworld? My character wants to go around trees for some reason even if there's a clear route straight ahead.

Going to the building with a yellow mark in the overworld didn't work at first so I lost some time running around attacking patrols because I didn't know what to do.

The enemies don't seem to care about standing on open-ground without cover while being shot.

One of my characters that seemed to be into cover died anyway. The blue circle didn't appear for some reason but there were some boxes between the the character and the enemy.

It would be nice if you could differentiate better the overworld to the regular maps because they look quite the same.

I hope the feedback is useful it feels good to see a game coming along and making progress.


Thanks for playing and for the good feedbacks.
continue button sounds reasonable. the circle icons represents moral & health and in need of tutorial explaining what it does. 
some of these are good bug reports and I'll take notes to fix the issues.

There are different tiers of enemies so certain low tier enemies will be dumb and won't try to find covers.

Will work on making the worldmap look better(and more useful, too, since there isn't much to do there).

Thank you for the detailed review and your kind words!


very  nice gfx, also controls were surprisingly smooth. I especially liked the cover system. I did have a issue with actually attacking enemies, sometimes i felt that i had to find the exact spot to hover the mouse and also felt that the aim and distance sometimes felt off. The chance to hit was quite low even though i was close.

Another thing that was weird was that the main character died incombat but i could still finish the mission, seeing a game over screen after that was a bit weird. I would let the game continue or end the game right when the character dies.

Good job :)


Thank you and sorry for the late reply!
you're absolutely right on accuracy formula being off, it should be easier to hit when they are close, otherwise it looks bizarre like in XCOM missing point-blank shots.

The second part sounds like a bug & I'll consider gameover triggering as soon as the MC dies, it's just that the whole part is gameplay-wise undecided in a way.

Arigathanks for playing!