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Design a creature and eat your way to the top of the food chain.
Submitted by Sipho, NinjaKyat, Dominas (@dominas64), DanTM — 1 day, 15 hours before the deadline
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I found a bug where you get DNA but it doesnt count . I collected like 4 DNA and got only 2


Hi, thanks for playing!

Do you remember what creature did you kill? Was it a boss or a regular one? Have you maxed-out your DNA for that breed?

I was the starting breed. I got killed by the same breed.  Like first floor of the  area with the starting breed.  I got 2 dna from the first boss and 0 from the purple one.

i want to add a structure into the game, i wish i knew what i wanted it to be, though

when is new update coming out??????????????


Hey, it just did!



Nice concept, and quite fun to play. The balance feels a bit iffy right now though - after a few tries I ended up making something with a few flaks in front and lots of turbines, and the game never threw anything at me that could counter it. There wasn't even an incentive to keep expanding because that would've only added more attack surface for little or no benefit as well as making navigation between obstacles harder.

Also worth noting, I ran into an out of memory error with the WebGL version:


Hey, thanks for playing! 

Your optimal build has spiked discussion in our team of how can we promote expansion and encourage to stray away from such optimal builds. There are several ways we could achieve this and it surely needs to be balanced out. We want to promote experimentation and that should be most important factor to replay Sipho. How far did you manage to go with this build?

Noted about WebGL memory issue, we'll increase the memory.

Thank you for your feedback! :D

Well, I managed to get through the end-of-demo level and loop back into the tutorial with it, where I had trouble squeezing it through the spot where you need to break the rock so I broke it down and tried some other build styles after that.

That's a thing I forgot to mention too, I expected the last level to be endless but eventually it offered me whirlpools to go down and loop the levels. Was this intentional?


The last level was intended to be endless. We have a bug of whirlpools lingering from earlier levels, you shouldn't have been able to dive into them. They also look denser in that level, because of being stacked so much :D

We recently had progression changes for the game - how levels are laid out, forcing players to dive down, added final endless level. It's interesting how most of the issues arise there.

Fair enough. Well, I hope this has been helpful, definitely looking forward to future versions of your game.

By the way, are there any chances of a Linux version in the future? I ended up playing the Windows version in Wine due to the WebGL crash, but had other issues there like missing text (common to many Unity games it seems). I'll probably give the game a proper try in Windows later, when I have the chance.


Awesome, I'm glad you like it. And it indeed was helpful - we need to get our balance right.

I don't mind building for Linux at all, I'll see what we can do.

i like to make builds that are breakdownable into different things, because its so hard to stay alive when bug things are shooting at me. i think you should balence the ai, make em target eachother more. also make em have 2 colect stuff as well, because otherwise its just not fair and u are destroyed most of the time

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL i made something like that, but it had 5 flaks, 3 boosters (one of them was from the blue ones) and the others were from the orangey guy. it was near imposible to destroy. but the guys had bigger stuff. iwish the bots had to colect stuff, then it would be fair