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QBASIC BRUN45.EXE included?

A topic by kylewatson98 created 60 days ago Views: 29 Replies: 4
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For people using QBASIC to write there game are you counting the size of the EXE for the standalone file (with BRUN45 bundled in the exe) or are you having people require BRUN45.EXE separately?

I could add so much more if it's the latter haha!


Well rules are there to be broken, but I'd prefer it if you bundled the brun just to make it easier for people downloading your game. Unless you specifically let them know in the description and give them a place to download it from. I suspect you'll get more downloads and plays if you make it a single bundled EXE.


Your minecraft clone looks awesome by the way! Look forward to playing it.


Okay yeah I'll leave it bundled then, it's a shame I discovered the jam so late as I would have maybe been able to try and make it smaller/more complex. It's been fun learning Qbasic though I didn't even know of its existence before seeing it mentioned!


Good for you for trying it!