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[Dev Log] Sandwiches with Death

A topic by IsaacG created Jan 09, 2018 Views: 274 Replies: 6
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Cyn has a modest living in forensics, figuring out what happened based on what's left.  While investigating a massive disaster, Cyn finds that Death is still there.
Ever the gratious host, Cyn shares her lunch break with Death.
Cyn uncovers an artifact from her mother: the ability to arbitrate any one single death.
Cedra, princess and acting Queen of Dart, offers her hand in marriage if Cyn uses this power to slay the dragon who killed her father and now threatens the entirety of Dart-Ligo.
The dragon would like to present an offer of his own.

Then again, most of the writing is about the events leading to Cyn's mother's death.  And a brief explanation on why she, her brother, her mother, and her step mother all have different last names.  (Also, her brother is the dragon.)


Sandwiches with Death is a visual novel being written in Ren'Py.

#^.^# please be gentle.

This sounds really intriguing, I'm looking forward to knowing more! ^^


Thank you.


Current word count: 6,547.  Two-thirds done, I estimate.

Mostly what's left are the art assets.


This seems super interesting!! I can't wait to play it when you're all finished! :)


Thank you :D


Visual Novel submitted.

Forgive my brevity.