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Morino Monster

A topic by metalsnail created Sep 14, 2017 Views: 170 Replies: 4
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I'm a sucker for silly gimmicks, so I got very excited over the prospect of having a light sensor in a game cartridge.

Since most PCs don't have a light sensor, (That would be too easy) I decided to use the webcam. My first bit of difficulty came because while Construct 2 can grab camera output, it can't interact with it in any meaningful way. Installing the Canvas plugin let me test the brightness (I averaged the RGB values) in points scattered across the output.

My next bit of trouble came from the fact that webcams correct for changes in ambient light, meaning that while I now had a number for how bright the camera output was, It stayed basically the same. Only testing points around the edge of the output (to avoid the player's face) and only looking for sudden spikes or dips in brightness got me the effect I was looking for, Turning the lights on and off changed the time of day in game.


Oooh, totally missed the light sensor gimmick cartridge, love it!

Great job making that work! Are you planning on more light sensor related features?


The monsters turn into stone during the day, which is helpful because they will attack you, but also less helpful, because you need to use them to solve puzzles.

Some doors open and close depending on time of day.

The various kinds of fruit in the game, (You feed fruit to monsters in order to befriend them) are harvested in different ways, usually involving switching between day and night mode.


Put up a playable build today. It's pretty awful, but it does have some puzzles, and you get to play with the lightswitch mechanic a bit.


I've been doing a lot of canning lately, but inbetween that I've managed to overhaul the art and design a level for this game:

Because I can't help myself, there IS a secret minecart level to discover:

I'm almost ready to post this version, just cleaning things up.