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Super Sonata (#14)

A topic by Le_Poulet created Sep 05, 2017 Views: 264 Replies: 2
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Hello everybody!

I choose Super Sonata. I will make a simple rhythm game with a boss fight.

"Sonata is the star of a groovy new action/rhythm game. Using the power of melody, she's the only one who can defeat the humongous Modula Minor!"


freaking musical references. I want this game to exist now.


After 3 Days of work, the core gameplay is ready. I have to work on a music and improve the graphics.  You play with the arrow keys, each key is an attack to hit the Modula Minor Boss. 
I want to make a feature that change the music with the Fever meter to boost the sound when you are good. 
And hum, I have to make the music, that will be a painfull work.