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Announcement: One More Week!

A topic by Ludonaut created Aug 01, 2016 Views: 173 Replies: 5
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Hello everyone,

yesterday, by popular demand, we've decided to extend the submission deadline by a week!

This means you have plenty of time to finish your projects, fix bugs (which you could do anyway since itch.io allows for jam entries to be modified after they've been submitted), or join and start one if you haven't already.

Remember to credit the original artists and provide a link to the artwork your game was inspired by.

Sweet ! I've only decided to join the jam friday and my game was far from finished !

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will the week be updated to the time counter?

like ive been glancing the time in slight panic cause i took part in the jam 3 days ago and still have stuff to do. i just by chance came to the forum and saw this post so its a relief, but not everyone probably will see this post


You mean the timer on the jam page? https://itch.io/jam/a-game-by-its-cover-2016

It's already been updated. The original due date was August 1 @ 2:00 AM (CEST), now it's August 8 @ 2:00 AM (CEST).

Don't worry about submitting your game. If you miss the deadline, just let us know. We can add your game to the jam manually, even after the deadline. :)


ohh... well in that case ill just try and hurry and do my best D:


You could also submit a placeholder now and just update it whenever. I personally don't like crunch, but unfortunately the game jam format in general implicitly expects people to crunch (because of the very limited time frame). I wanted to avoid this a bit, so I made the jam a month long, and even extended the deadline.

Really, don't worry. Just make something and submit whatever. This is supposed to be relaxing and fun.