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The sun is shining, the birds are singing, Finally, I'm free! ...Or am I?
Submitted by jestbubbles — 1 day, 13 hours before the deadline
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  • Trippy. A Groundhog Day-like PICO-8 adventure that has you doing daily household chores to eventually be truly free. There doesn't seem to be much roguelikeness about this one, though there were some fun one-liners while going around interacting with furniture and appliances, eventually figuring out the right place where all the inventory items go to be able to go outside and return to house again the next day to do it... slightly differently. The art is basic but cute, and controls are intuitive. Even without much instruction the rules of the game become apparent pretty quickly.

  • Inside the house there is a limited vertical view distance below the character, but full screen view distance in the other directions. This is a bit jarring when walking around the house.

    The 8x8 sprites make it difficult to tell what some items/interactable objects are without walking around and clicking on every single thing until they do something. Since there aren't any enemies to interact with or need for longer view distance it might be better to use a larger sprite size such as 12x12 (no need to go up to the next evenly divisible size of 16x16 because the movement isn't grid based). Other than the size, the sprites look nice.

    Sometimes the inside of the house will generate in a way that has a table blocking the exit. This has happened to me after about a dozen rounds every time.

    Items from outside didn't appear to have a purpose and just kept accumulating in my inventory. I'm not sure if those were meant to show progress or I just couldn't find/couldn't get far enough to see what they were used for.

    Other than the randomly placed rooms in the house I couldn't really find any roguelike characteristics.

  • A pretty unusual entry with a good bit of charm to it.

    It's not a roguelike in my opinion; you've got the seemingly randomized house layouts and placement of objects, but that's about it. It's more of an interesting, surreal little story.

    We've got various different interactions with the items you can pick up, and every action you can take has several cute puns associated with it; it's fun to see these pop up and occasionally see a new one for a familiar action, since they show up randomly.

    There are some lovely visual effects (the pink bubbly smoke effect looks so cool) and a nice art style in general.

    I left with the feeling that I might have missed some of the game - after getting sent back to the house a few times, I eventually got what might have been a victory screen by talking to a gnome, and the game went black. It wasn't clear to me how I had accomplished this, though the victory(?) text made it seem like it might be related to one of the items in my inventory.

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I like the theme and the humor, and I really appreciated how many things could be interacted with. But I didn't get far; I couldn't figure out what to do with the candy corn and the beer glass ... or whatever they were.

Jam JudgeSubmitted

I had a lot of fun playing this. I like how scary the house got as the days proceeded. I was also very impressed by the number of jokes. :)