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Vorld AchipelagoView game page

7DFPS / proc-jam exploration game
Submitted by delph (@_delph) — 1 day, 13 hours before the deadline
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This was really good! Very nice procedural generation, and a compelling game play experience!


i was surprised how much i've enjoyed this! really nice work - it generates some very natural-looking worlds (esp considering it's all made of blocks). i really enjoyed just walking about, looking around, collecting the glowy bits, just vibing

one thing to point out, i kinda really wish that it would spread the collectables around just a tad bit more - i didn't really have many reasons to go on exploring the outer reaches of the archipelago it generated. however, the main "island" was really cool in my world, so that's not really a major (nor a minor, really) gripe

in fact, the "main island" in my world was so cool that i even took a picture!

also, there was a tiny little floating island not far from it; idk if it generates them on purpose but it was kinda cool so i hope it does :D

the only actual (really minor!) gripe that i had was climbing uphill. it involved a lot of mashing the space button, and i don't know if that fits the chill atmosphere of it all that much ;D

all in all great job!

oh yeah, i also really liked the exposed terrain mesh generation - seeing a whole world just pop into existence bit by bit is kinda neat and almost makes you feel things
Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for such detailed feedback, I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

I think you're right about the spread of the collectables - sometimes it does place them quite close together, I'll make a note see if I can improve it. I totally agree about the space bar mashing being a bit at odds with the rest of the experience will have to think on how to improve that!

The occasional floating islands are a result of the way I chose to do the generation, but I like them too! So didn't seek to remove them.

Also I like your avatar image.


Damn that's impressive! It runs super smooth too