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This is awesome! I love the slow reveal of story stuff. I'm a sucker for clicker games too :) I couldn't get to subspace 100 so I missed the last entry but I got all the rest! If you ever add more or release a post jam version ill be sure to check it out

Ads don't really feel aligned with the spirit of game jams in general. You could add them but disable them for the jam period then enable them afterwards?

Good point - have added it to the description!

Thanks for checking it out :) Have added the link to the desc hehe

I just finished reading Blame and came straight here in search of more megastructure stuff :D This is really cool and the traversal mechanics feel super satisfying so nice job! This may have been said already but I'd love to have a different key to 'let go' of a wall and let the jump key always propel you in the direction you are facing. Also having the left/right movement be relative to the direction you are looking might be nice as an option? So hyped for the release!

Ok this was amazing. It must have been an effort to organise! The laundry pit was my favourite part. It felt like finding ash lake for the first time in dark souls. I think this style definitely shines with a more mysterious/creepy setting. It's so imaginative ahhhhhh too good. Nice job once again :D

I didn't participate this time but every fae.exe game is a must play :)

Woah. The whole album is great too! Paper planes would have also been a fitting ending song for the game

Thanks for introducing me to Patricia Taxxon! Also this was great :D

Love the visuals! I thought it was unreal engine haha. Was a little hard to fill up the beds at first but was easy to get the hang of! Nice job :D

This looks soooo coool! It's like a painting. I wish there was more


Try interacting with all the stuff in the room!


Cooool I'll check it out thanks!

It crashed with cool horse and crag in the first battle, first time through

Noooo it's crashing when I enter a battle!

Ok this is great. The core concept of booting the guy is simple but having the mechanics built around this makes for a very cohesive experience. The small attention to detail is great too - everything has juice and I especially like the grass flying around when you skid. Managing the food to maximize your distance is fun too. Not sure how far you could take this idea but something more fleshed out might be perfect for the switch or something. This is inspiring me to try build mechanics around a single concept too! Maybe next jam :D

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This is so nostalgic! It really feels like an old school gameboy game. It's very cute but hard to keep the little guys alive! Do you have to have a certain level in each stat before you sleep otherwise they die? Was hilarious that you can still accessories the jelly corpse.

I am frightened

Getting an "invalid upload" message when I click download :(


Did that recorder turn into a bassoon? :D

Omg the hats. If only you could zoom in to look at the ducks in hats more closely! 

This is awesome! If you could buy some auto click upgrades and maybe have some abilities to use in fights that would be fun. The leveling up progression got very hard and the arena rewards are veeery small sooooo I had to hack it :)

At this point I thought it would insta level up but it STILL took ages ahahah. And the arena fights were still not one hit kills! At like level 15 ish. I thought my pet would have become a god by this stage. Also the arena stopped loading soon after this :D Nice work love the art and sound and also lots of satisfying visual feedback on clicking!

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Yeee I wanted to make the desert environment more epic and full of stuff to find but populating an entire outdoor map was not feasible in a jam haha. Glad you enjoyed it :D 

This is neat! I found that I ended up just clicking everything as soon as it had cooled down and this made the game super easy! Once you tweak the balance and perhaps introduce more risk it would get more challenging. I like that you can click on individuals too and get a bit more info about them - this could be used to add in some cool incremental story telling like office drama or some other mystery :D

Hey just a heads up the jam organizers will remove this from the jam unless it's free for the jam period! There's a message on discord but posting here in case you didn't see

Yeee you gotta hard reset hahaha there are many rough edges

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I have no idea how you did the transparent bg for unity but this is glorious. You should add a few more bits and pieces and chuck it on steam or somethin! If you can generate the creatures at run time and programmatically add the faces that would be awesome too! (Cos I recall you said you selected your favorites from the generator and added the faces manually)

Haha thanks! I wanted to make it even bigger and go for shadow of colossus style climbing but it was too ambitious

Thanks for trying it out! Yeah I wanted to add some places so stop and talk to weird characters with a lil story but no timee

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This guy just doesn't understand great art! I played him Beethoven the whole time but he kept escaping 

Ok managed to get to day 12! It's quite hard to guess what the lil guy needs but I wouldn't want to spoil the mystery with obvious hints. If you can come up with a way to give subtle hints that might help - I was thinking like you can read research notes or something that hint at the observed behaviours? Anyway great job love the animations :D 

This is pretty cute - the hide and seek thing is a cool idea!

Really like the art especially in the shop! And the working animation lol. It's quite a lot to be introduced to at the start even tho I guess it's fairly standard virtual pet mechanics it would be good to add more elements over time to ease the player in 

Nice concept! I... kinda hacked it to finish because I couldn't wait :) (Nice reference btw lol) If you want to make it harder to hack you can flag something in the bundler to exclude the sourcemap I think? 

This is great. I love how everything on the page is moving too haha. I love idle/clicker games and the idea of having cosmetics providing stat upgrades is pretty cool - has this even been done before in an idle style game? You could totally expand this but if you did you'd have to add in transmog or like the equivalent of rune slots otherwise ppl will be sad they can't have the best look/stats in one :D Also cooool music!

I think I found it hehe

Ah nice I played through again and finished it. Cute ending. If the interactable objects had a small highlight or border on mouse over that would sort that small issue out!

I love the art but I can't seem to click to interact with anything!

That bird really doesn't like to be clicked especially when you have sound turned up :O