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ODD FANTASY: Chapter 1 DemoView game page

In a world of heroes, you're kind of a loser.
Submitted by GhostScreen Studios (@odd_galaxy) — 19 days, 19 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gamer's Choice#1n/an/a
Amateur's Choice#1n/an/a
Sound Effect#93.8434.000
Character Design#103.8434.000
RPG Maker Game of the Month#113.0423.167
Games for Impact#133.0423.167
Developer's Vote#133.3633.500
Graphic Design#133.6833.833
Pixel Art's Choice#51n/an/a

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  • This game looks good enough and astonishing enemies as well one of those battlers are cool.
  • Impressive graphics! The writing's so funny and I can't wait to play the rest

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Submitted (3 edits) (+1)

A few thoughts I had while playing: 

- The text is cut off for the help in the options menu.
- The text is also cut off for the Mr. Sword item.
- The dialogue is very Earthbound-ish. It's definitely teetering on the edge of
lolrandumb, but so far it's entertaining.
- I'd suggest changing the Armor menu command to something like equip, since it
allows you to equip armor AND weapons.
- There's no battle background for enemies past the first area of the forest. I
don't know how much knowledge you have of RPG maker but you need to set it for
every map.
- I'm really not keen on the forest map. It's a straight line basically, but I worry if you have such wide swathes of space in more complicated maps, they'll be really slow to explore. Consider making your dungeon maps more compact and with more interesting path shapes. Does that make sense? Basically, you have lots of big spaces and no distinct details/landmarks. I'd take a look at some snes RPGs and study their maps to see how to make interesting dungeons. Also take note of what the player can see on the screen at one time, as well as the whole shape of the map. What might appear to be a simple hallway in the map editor, might feel like an endless trek from a player's eye view.

The gameplay is simple, but it works fine. It was the writing is what kept me playing, though. Good effort! Get some more enemy variety and better maps and you're on the road to a good game!


Thanks for the feedback. I played a TON of Earthbound while making this demo, and I loved the dialogue, so I did try to mimic it without it coming off as a ripoff. I do agree with you on everything you said about the forest area, and I will admit it was very rushed. I've begun work on the following wild areas and it definitely does open up more as you progress. I made the forest really linear as not to confuse people, but because most of my audience WILL be people who have already played RPGs, I'll probably go back and jazz it up later. I've already added new enemies and have changed the UI so the game won't be recognized as an RPGMaker game, too. I have a decent knowledge of RPGMaker, but the demo was rushed and released too early for sure. I just wanted to make sure the game could run on other people's computers properly, tbh XD


It's a start. The beginning had charm, especially the interactions with objects. Clever puns, worth a smile and laugh. Also enjoyed the modified music. The first very, very long field with a million slimes is a bit repetitive, and too long for a first "dungeon" with no different enemies.


Thanks for the feedback. Believe it or not, I was actually kinda worried players would find the forest area too short lol. Also, I've already made it so that the full version will have a greater variety of enemies and less encounters.